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Out of Outrage

But still angry

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For the most part I’m out of outrage. Folks who’ve read my blog for many years sense something different about my take these days. If I had to pin it down, that would be it, I’m just out of outrage. Rather, I know what ultimately must happen and spend more of my time looking for some indication that it’s about to. Some pretty big red lines have come and gone with little more than a nod of recognition. No matter how serious the offense seems to be, the greater body of citizens shrug.

I’ve previously been outraged and outraged that there aren’t more people who are as outraged as I am. Take child sex trafficking for instance, it outrages me, but I look around and there’s no pressure on the DOJ to do something about it, like continuing to follow the guidelines Trump instituted to make some significant headway on it. Those who had been in the fight against child sex trafficking for quite a while recognized that Trump’s approach was having a significant impact.

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The problem is partly that several of our congressmen, senators and presidents have visited Epstein’s Island and rely on that child sex trafficking for their sick rituals that demonstrate to themselves the amount of raw power they wield, because if they didn’t have the ability to exert extreme power, they’d be hung up like sheets on laundry day. The fact that they continue to walk around, knowing there are pictures of themselves on the island, in the jet, hobnobbing with Epstein and Maxwell, is enormously satisfying for these ritualistic abusers. And, to that point, not one of Maxwell’s clients have been indicted. That puts a big smile on their faces. See how much power they have.

The other part of the problem is that not one person with the power to bring these people to justice will step one foot out of their lane to do so. They will not risk their pensions, they will not subject themselves to threats to do so. All of those children be damned. Meanwhile, several high-profile people, celebrities and the like have been killed trying to expose it. The cinematographer killed by Alex Baldwin was going to work on a film that would have exposed the crimes; Anne Heche, a person I gave little thought and less consideration to before was also working on such a film and suffered death. Was that the reason or the cause? I don’t know, but after a few folks die in such a way, with one common point of interest, it becomes accepted whether it’s true, or not. It’s the lack of outrage or even reaction that is appalling.

This might be enough to spark outrage, if there weren’t instances of the illegal aliens flooding NY and DC now via buses from Texas, but getting welcomed there like returning heroes. At the same time, the Mayors of NY and DC complain about the bus loads of them being delivered. Which is it? Oh, that’s right, they’re communists with cover being run by law enforcement, the FBI, the media and, in some instances, the church, so they don’t get held to account for their hypocrisy or blatant criminality.

” How do you know you’re in a civil war? Here’s a few clues: is one political side exempt from blame, blatantly criminal, but the other political side is unable to make a common error without being raided and often arrested? That exists when one is in enemy territory. If just being alive and breathing is criminal, that’s an enemy and those seeking to punish them for it are enemy combatants.

One side relishes the former freedoms, when stating one’s mind, no matter how controversial, was not a crime. They recognize the value of capitalistic wealth creation and the ability of greed to lift all boats. One of the things I’ve always admired about capitalism is that the most vile misanthrope, the greediest little troll would, in their success, be unavoidably generous and beneficial to all around them. They want something done around their mansion, they need to hire people to do it; they buy goods that have to be produced; put their money into investments that benefit others who might even become competitors. On goes the train, wealth creates wealth which creates wealth.”


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