Nihilism: A Response to a Reader Comment

Posted: November 27, 2022 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized


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Nihilism: In Response to a Reader Comment

Ugg. OK. Let’s assume some numbers here. Approximately 20 million people know what’s going on, can be leaders, and approx 50 million are on our side, so to say, but simply don’t know what to do specifically and will never be leaders on their own. Not everyone is an 18B expert, after all.

This is not intended to be criticism, consider it generalized frustration instead. I did a paid SUT course with you around 8 years ago. I’ve read almost everything you post. Having said that, I’m not personally a trained Green Beret behind enemy lines. We’re effectively under occupation right now—we’re in a war. I have no problems deferring what I think to a Green Beret weapons expert under sound leadership. Sure, I can go out in my field and herd my 350 head of cattle…

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