A Gift From Communist China

Posted: January 1, 2023 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized


by Al Benson Jr.

There has been much concern over all the illegal drugs crossing our Southern border and finding their way into this country. One drug that has been a major concern has been fentanyl. Lots of that miserable stuff has been pumped into this country and it has killed lots of people.

One thing seldom talked about, though, is one of its main sources. According to one person interviewed on Fox News on New Years Day, much of the fentanyl reaching this country via Mexico has been shipped in from Communist China. It’s Red China’s “gift” to a hopefully dumbed down American public.

Biden’s response, when he can break away from his golf game in St. Croix, is to just continue to let all the illega aliens in anyway, even the ones financed by the drug cartels. If they can just make it into this country he can…

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