Gear Snobbery and the Principle of Diminishing Returns

Posted: February 10, 2023 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

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I have a good friend who goes by “BoltBoy.” Solid guy, he also designs and sells some cool Baofeng accessories. One day BoltBoy went to a precision rifle competition. Active duty and former scout snipers were among the competition, most of them sporting some very expensive weapons. One shooter even had a weather meter that was digitally slaved to an electronic DOPE card. The average shooter in this competition had sunk $3-4000 into their rifle setups.

Some of these setups are worth up to $6,000

Meanwhile, BoltBoy shows up with his trusty .308 Remington 783. With factory M80 ball ammo, a cheap .22LR scope and a few other accessories, he had invested $600 into his setup. This drew some friendly banter and jokes from the other competitors, who brushed him off as a first-timer who would eventually learn that he needed better equipment.

BoltBoy placed 2nd overall that day…

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