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Update on lawsuit  Here


***I wrote this post a few weeks ago.

Just want to note a couple things here-

Yes- I know what the Ohio state medical board has posted on their website concerning Dr. Yokiel.

I also know for a fact that the DEA regularly cuts deals with doctors which sends them to diversion programs for doctors. It happened to a friend I went to college with a few years ago.

She was not a drug user or alcoholic, but the DEA gave her no choice. It was you go to this program or you lose your license to practice medicine.

I believe the same thing happened with Dr Yokiel.***

I was one of Dr. Yokiel’s chronic pain patients,who was forced to undergo opiate withdrawls after being on the meds for 11 1/2 years.

I am trying to get a class action lawsuit going,and need some more former patients willing to be part of the suit.

I received,and saw a lot of others receive horrible care from Cleveland Clinic hospitals and Cleveland Clinic pain mgt programs. I was told I didn’t need any pain meds of any kind by the asshole at Euclid hospital pain mgt. Despite a record of serious injuries dating to 1978,over 60 ortho surgeries,and more broken bones than 90% of the population-(according to a few Dr’s and radiologists)

This is way beyond unethical,and violates every known medical standard for weaning a patient off of opiates.


Let’s sue the sonsofbitches who did this,including Dr Yokiel,Clevleand Clinic,the Ohio State Medical Board,and if I’m right about why Dr. Yokiel was shut down-the DEA.

This was done to chronic pain patients by our NE Ohio medical community,and state and likely fed agencies.

Our government and their fake ass “fighting  the opioid epidemic” did this to us.

This was not right,and should never happen to anyone who is a chronic pain patient again.

If a Dr decides that a chronic pain patient doesn’t need to be on pain meds-there is an established process for weaning people off of opiate pain meds-

and it sure as hell ain’t the Cleveland Clinic’s f*ck you-no one dies from opiate withdrawls.

If you’re a freakin heroin addict-they’ll admit you and wean you off opiates,and put you in a treatment program-if you’re a chronic pain patient…

The DEA is more interested in shutting down legit pain mgt docs who they feel write too many scripts than they are shutting down heroin and fentanyl dealers.

Think about that for a minute.

Lets sue these sonsabitches so they don’t keep doing this to chronic pain patients.

Contact me @





“A Georgia SWAT team shot and killed an armed homeowner during a September 24 drug raid sparked by the word of a self-confessed meth addict and burglar who had robbed the property the previous day. No drugs were found. David Hooks, 59, becomes the 34th person to die in US domestic drug law enforcement operations so far this year.

According to WMAZ TV 13, Laurens County sheriff’s deputies with the drug task force and special response team (SWAT team) conducted a no-knock search on Hooks’ home in East Dublin on the evening of the 24th. When the raiders burst through the back door of the residence, they encountered Hooks’ carrying a shotgun. Multiple deputies opened fire, shooting [and] killing Hooks.”

“Mitchell Shook, an attorney for Hooks’s family, told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that deputies spent 44 hours searching Hooks’s home for drugs — yet they found nothing. The attorney also told the Macon Telegraph that the shooting didn’t happen the way the police say it did.”

Did you notice that Mr. Hooks was the THIRTY FOURTH person killed by police in a drug raid this year?

They searched his home for FOURTY FOUR HOURS-after 44 hours-they found Nothing,nada,zip,zilch,zero.

Did you also notice that the cops “evidence” was the word of an admitted tweaker?

On the word of a guy who’s living in a drug induced fantasy world-You Too can be on the receiving end of a 4 am no-knock SWAT team raid in which your dog will be shot,and a flash-bang blindly tossed into your home landing in places like ummm… say the baby’s crib.

Last time I checked,we had 4th amendment protections against unreasonable search and seizure.

The word of a dope fiend is not the type of “oath or affirmation” the founding fathers meant when they wrote the Bill of Rights.

Last time I checked another thing-dogs can not swear oaths,or affirm a damn thing,other than what they are taught by their handlers-things like say “alert” for drugs on command.

The “war on drugs” is a failure-this shit needs to stop.

People who want to fry their brains by using mind-altering substances are going to do so whether it’s illegal,or legal-prohibition proved that.

Maybe people were smarter back then-they just admitted that this is not working-we are creating a whole “underclass” of criminals who are getting rich by smuggling liquor into the U.S.-we need to make alcohol legal again,and tax the shit out of it to pay for all our dumb ass government programs.

Now we have the same thing,only it’s drug cartels and gang-bangers getting rich by selling weed,cocaine,and heroin.

Now we have even more government programs-more people making $$$ from smuggling and selling drugs-and the idiot politicians can’t see the huge increase in tax $$$ ???????????????

Just stop the failed “war on drugs” legalize weed right away,decriminalize cocaine and heroin-stop sending drug users to prison-the felony conviction means they will never be able to get a decent job-this shit needs to stop-now.

Save the prison cells for violent criminals,and upper level drug dealers who deal heroin and meth-the drugs that are destroying families,causing people to rob and steal to support their drug habit,and causing our prisons to overflow.

Then the cops could stop running around in their ninja jammies at 4 am,and try to arrest the murderers,rapists,and upper level heroin and meth dealers.

That plan has to work better than the current waste of time and $$$.