The Latest Tacticool Invention to Beat 10 Round Mag Limits…

Posted: November 25, 2014 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized
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The Pentagon Magazine Coupler Kit provides a unique external coupling option for the 10 Rounds Ultimag AR magazines and is provided with five Ultimag 10R magazines.

  1. Why?
    Why would you want to increase your width profile to 8 inches whilst exposing your ammo to any grit, grime, and physical damage?
    Tacticool ranks the same as Gucci-cam to me.
    The must have for the person who doesn’t know better.


    • gamegetterII says:

      There’s a group in my area that claims they are a militia,besides having all the worthless tacticool stuff,they all have matching surplus digital camo.
      A friend lets these idiots train on his property because they pay him to use the property for the weekend.
      As he says-it would almost be worth it to pay them-due to the entertainment value.
      If anything ever happens that’s a SHTF situation they will be the best dressed dead guys in the woods because a few guys who know what they are doing will just take them out,take their gear,and that will be the end of them.
      We got them to let us to play the opposing force in a paintball battle-they were covered in paint from all the hits they took-we took 3 hits total on our 5 guys.
      I’m more worried about the guy that has worn camo,a “stock” rifle, a 3 day assault pack,plate carrier and battle belt than I am about anyone with brand new gear and the latest tacticool stuff-inclding the Gucc-icam.

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