Ohio Deer Harvest Totals as of 1/28/2015-ODNR’s Manipulated Data

Posted: January 29, 2015 by gamegetterII in hunting
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Statewide the harvest is only down 8% or so,but that is misleading,as some counties with low deer populations are showing almost a 50% increase-while some counties with high deer populations are showing a 20% or greater decrease.

The total harvest isn’t that far off,but some of the counties that have been consistently in the top 10 for total deer harvest are the ones showing the biggest drops in harvest numbers.

Such as-

Wood county shows a 47.7% increase in deer harvest-the total number of deer harvested in 2013-14 was 717.

Total for 2014-14 is 1,059 That 47.7% increase is a difference of 342 deer.

Guernsey county shows a 21.94% decrease. 2013-14 total was 5,259.

Total for 2014-15 is 4,105 that 21.94% decrease is a difference of  1,154 deer.

See the problem?  The DNR is counting 342 deer as a 47.7% increase while counting a decrease of 1,154 deer as only a 21.94% decrease.

Looking at the comparison data-almost all the counties that show increases are the counties with very low harvests,which represent very few deer,while to counties showing decreases are almost all counties that traditionally have had high harvests.

Presenting the data this way is the ODNR manipulating the numbers to hide the overall decline in the deer herd’s numbers.

Click to access 012815deerharvest.pdf

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