Here We Go-“Gun Violence Is A Public Health Issue” Being Used For Anti-Gun Legislation

Posted: February 3, 2015 by gamegetterII in anti-gun asshattery
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State lawmakers from Kansas and Missouri announced a bistate, bipartisan effort Friday to reduce gun violence.

Kansas Rep. Barbara Bollier joined Missouri Rep. Stacey Newman to pitch bills, recently introduced in Topeka and Jefferson City, that would establish firearms restrictions for people with domestic violence or stalking restraining orders or convictions.

“The public gets it completely,” said Bollier, a Republican from Mission Hills. A former practicing physician, Bollier described gun violence as “a public health issue.”

Newman, a Democrat from Richmond Heights in St. Louis County, said her bill includes language that would allow law enforcement and family members to restrict those considered “in crisis” from gun possession. That measure, she said, is similar to California legislation signed into law soon after the shootings near the University of California-Santa Barbara campus last year.

Rep. Joe Don McGaugh, a Carrollton Republican, described the bill as “patently unconstitutional” because it has too few protections for gun owners before a court strips them of their Second Amendment rights.

“Everyone wants to keep firearms out of the hands of someone who is not competent to own them,” McGaugh said. “But I think what we should concentrate on is the individual and not the gun. Missouri law already allows those who are threats to be committed for mental health issues.”

Rep. Rick Brattin, a Harrisonville Republican, said the bill is unlikely to get a hearing. He said that because the bill allows “any person” to file a petition for a gun violence restraining order, it could be used to harass law-abiding gun owners.

The representatives were joined by a small crowd that included representatives from the Hope House and Rose Brooks domestic violence shelters, the League of Women Voters, Grandmothers Against Gun Violence, the Kansas City Health Commission and the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.

Sound familiar? Dr. Vivek Murthy,our recently appointed surgeon general claims that gun violence is a “public health issue that must be addressed-as Dr. Murthy is an anti-gun zealot,and has zero real world medical experience-other than med school and his residency,during which he was under supervision by experienced Dr’s.

Murthy’s real-world experience consists of forming the group Dr’s for Obama,which then morphed into Dr’s for America,and writing an endless stream of anti-gun nonsense in the form of letters to Obama,congress and letters to the editor in many U.S. newspapers.

Murthy claimed he would not use his position as surgeon general to advocate for gun control.

He’s not-he’s getting others to do it for him,with the help of the usual suspects from the land of rainbows and unicorns-starting with the Brady campaign.

I smell Bloomberg’s $$$ in this horsepucky.

The anti-gun zealots are doing exactly what hizzoner claimed his millions would do,helped along by his front groups of like minded boot-licking sycophants.

Gun owners better start paying attention to this nonsense-as Bloomberg and his fellow wealthy anti-gun zealots are pushing this bullshit in every state that they think they might have a chance of getting it on the ballot,and then signed into law by fellow anti-gun zealots and imposed on gun owners second amendment right to keep and bear arms.

Bloomberg’s bootlicker stated the following…

“The public gets it completely,” said Bollier, a Republican from Mission Hills. A former practicing physician, Bollier described gun violence as “a public health issue.”

Murthy+Bloomberg+ existing anti-gun groups/orgs = I-594 like “gun control” measures being enacted in multiple states.

The NRA,GOA,NAGR,et-al allowed I-594 to be passed by voters by using lies,half-truths and obfuscation-and having said nonsense spewing forth from the tee-vee all across Washington state.

Voters who know nothing about firearms or gun laws do not understand that “gun control” laws only affect gun owners who follow the law in the first place-no additional “gun control” law will prevent “gun violence” because those intent on committing “gun violence” will do so no matter how strict the gun laws are.

Mexico,along with most of Central America have very strict “gun control” laws in place-yet these countries have the highest rates of “gun violence” on the planet.

It’s up to gun owners to call,write,e-mail,fax and to gather signatures of registered voters so that petitions can be delivered to Bloomberg’s bootlicking minions in the statehouses.

Pay attention,and work to stop this horsepucky-or we will all see nonsense like Washington state,Mass,Colorado,Conneticut,Commiefornia and NY state enacted in our own states.

Get motivated,get organized,protest,do whatever it takes-but do not allow this kind of bullshit to become law-in any more states.

The anti-gun zealots will never,ever stop-unless they attain their goal of a ban on all civilian ownership of firearms.

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