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5 Years ago,I wrote about the shit Bloomberg was pulling,starting in Oregon.

He started out getting “common sense gun control” schemes on state ballots.

I did a post about that,and the consequences here

This crap was mentioned in other posts too,no one paid any attention to what was actually going on -thought it couldn’t happen in their state.

How’d that work out in Va?

The man and his fellow victim disarmament cult members now figure it’s cheaper,faster,and more effective for them to just buy their own state senators/congresscritters.

See the Commie takeover of Virginia politics as an example.

Politics is war.

The left has been entrenched in local,state,and fed level politics for decades.

You want to overturn the bullshit in Virginia?

Stop it from happening in your state?

You have to get involved in LOCAL and county level politics.

There’s no way to win at the state and national level without solid local backing.

A whole lot of people have been saying this for years in the intardnet blogoshpere.

Very,very few have taken the advice.

Bloomberg et-al took over Virginia politics because no one was involved -no one saw it coming.

He bought and paid for victim disarmament cult supporting political hacks to push his agenda -likely including governor Coonman.

Look up justice democrats to see other ways the left is getting their Commie hacks into political office.

Bloomberg is now running an anti gun stupid bowl ad , here spending millions to convince sportsball fans that he only wants “common sense gun control”

See the Virginia gun laws that his Commie hacks introduced for examples of his idea of “common sense gun control”

Pay attention to what this guy and his minions are doing.

Fight back -before it’s too late.

These hacks use the leftist controlled media to paint all gun owners as violent extremists,”white nationalists” Nazis, “white supremacists”,etc,etc ad nauseum.

They still use the “assault weapon” = “weapon of war” bullshit and non gun owners believe this nonsense.

The victim disarmament cult has been using this crap forever.

“The weapons menacing looks, coupled with the public’s confusion over fully-automatic machine guns versus semi-automatic assault weapons –anything that looks like a machine gun is assumed to be a machine gun– can only increase the chance of public support for restrictions on these weapons.”

Josh Sugarman–1988

The leftist controlled media has repeatedly shown full auto weapons in videos reporting on A-R 15’s. They’ve done so for years.

It’s obvious to us that the media is lying,gaslighting the clueless – yet there is zero media pushback on this crap -because the left controls the media,and shuts down all pro gun points of view,with the exception of a very few mainstream media outlets.

The Lobby day rally has been going on for years – this year was only different due to gov Coonman and his fellow Commies promising the voters in the leftist infested cities/counties that voted them into power that they would enact “common sense gun control” ,then introducing draconian anti gun laws to make good on that promise.

Sure, there was a huge turnout for Lobby Day, exactly zero of gov Coonman/Bloomberg’s Commies paid any attention to the opposition to their agenda -nor will they as long as they are in power.

Sure ,there is a chance these draconian laws will be overturned in court – but gov Coonman WILL sign them into law.

See Herschel’s update on the Va laws here  (be sure to read the other posts on the topic )

See Aesop’s take on Virginia/Lobby day  here

Be sure to read his other posts on the subject.

The media coverage of Lobby Day was a partial win for gun rights supporters- as far as video and live reporting went.

The utter bullshit that was written afterwards, by the usual anti-gun media hacks was

the same old bullshit.

Rallys ain’t gonna do a damn thing.

Getting involved in local/county level politics will.

You have to get involved,talk to sheriffs,police chiefs,DA’s, city/town council county commissioners/councils.

Support those who deserve support.

Work to replace those who don’t.

How do you think the left got the political power they now have?

Rich fucks backed them for higher political office – but they started local.

Local pro gun lawyers have to get involved as well.

County DA’s who are anti gun need replaced.

Anti gun county sheriffs need replaced.

Local/county level politicians need to pressure state politicians to support pro gun rights legislation,and vote against ANY new gun control laws.

That is what has to be worked on as far as stopping this shit via the ballot box.

Support your state gun rights orgs before you support sellouts like the NRA.

(there are a few decent national level gun rights orgs -the NRA ain’t one of them.)

It might or might not be stoppable.

Which means everyone should be working on training,getting a group of like minded friends with varied needed skills together -locally.

Then train together.

Then connect with other local groups.

Meet in person -face to face -aka “Meatspace”.

Create a plan for just in case.

Figure out comms,food,medical care, needed supplies like ammo and spare parts,figure out storage and logistics.

You should have already taken care of all this -if not ,now is the time to start getting it figured out.








Hayley Tsukayama The Washington Post

It just became much harder to buy a gun through Facebook.

Although Facebook itself doesn’t sell guns, it has wrestled for years with the right way to handle sales of regulated goods such as firearms, adult toys and prescription drugs on its social-media network.

On Friday, the firm changed its policy regarding firearms, banning any such peer-to-peer sales on its network. That means users can no longer offer or coordinate the private sale of firearms on the site. This policy also applies to the sale of gun parts and ammunition, said a Facebook spokeswoman.

That’s far more strict than the company’s previous policy.

Two years ago, the company announced it would treat the sales of firearms in the same way it handles alcohol, tobacco and adult products. Under that policy, those selling firearms were sent a message reminding them to comply with all rules and regulations. It also restricted access to those posts to users older than 18 and displayed an educational message to anyone who searched for firearms sales on Facebook or Instagram, which the company owns. In general, advertisers also are not allowed to boost advertisements that feature regulated goods on Facebook.

The new policy brings the regulation of firearms sales in line with the company’s bans on the sale of marijuana and prescription drugs on its network. If Facebook detects any posts that violates the new directive, it will review the posts and remove them, if necessary.

When Facebook first addressed its firearms policy in March 2014, it was in part at the behest of groups such as Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America and Mayors Against Illegal Guns. According to the company, it decided to make this latest change in response to the way commerce has evolved on the network since then.

“Over the last two years, more and more people have been using Facebook to discover products and to buy and sell things to one another,” said Monika Bickert, Facebook’s head of global product policy. “We are continuing to develop, test and launch new products to make this experience even better for people and are updating our regulated-goods policies to reflect this evolution.”

Still, the new policy does allow licensed firearms retailers to post about their goods and services on Facebook. However, they must complete any such transactions off the network.

Facebook did not have data on how many sales are completed this way.

The policy change encouraged some gun-control advocates, who see it as a way to crack down on transactions that potentially violate regulations on firearms sales.

“We spoke with Facebook regarding this important new policy decision, and I appreciate the company’s willingness to work with my office over the past two years on this issue,” said New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman. “Today’s announcement is another positive step toward our shared goal of stopping illegal online gun sales once and for all.”

The National Rifle Association did immediately respond to a request for comment.

One would get the impression listening to gun control advocates or, indeed, to President Obama and those Democrats vying to succeed him that the United States is in the midst of an epidemic of violence; awash in blood with murderers and mass killers roaming the streets carrying guns they’ve bought at gun shows, over the Internet or from crazed neighbors. In fact, many Americans share this view. A recent Pew poll asked respondents if they believe the U.S. homicide rate has gone up or down over the last twenty years. Fifty-six percent of those polled said it has gone up and only twelve percent believed we are safer today than two decades ago.

The perception here and abroad has little to do with reality and a lot to do with political grandstanding. In fact, over the last twenty years or so the U.S. homicide rate has not just receded, but has been cut in half. The United States does indeed have a higher homicide rate than some industrialized nations in Europe and Japan, but is very, very different in size and complexity to those nations usually cited by those who wish to blame guns for the differences.

Here is one simple fact for those who blame firearms ownership and availability in this country for the murder and violent crime rate that plagues some of our major cities: while crime and violence were being cut in half, gun ownership was doubling.

It is too simple to claim that there is less violence in the United States today because more of our citizens are armed, but it is clear that there is no correlation between the number of guns in private hands with either the murder or violent crime rates as claimed by most gun control advocates.

The president likes to talk about ‘gun violence’ which is something that includes firearms accidents, suicides and those killed with guns. There are statistically very few firearms accidents in this country thanks to safety training and common sense. Two-thirds of all gun deaths are suicides and while some claim that making it more difficult for potential suicides to get guns would decrease the total number of suicides, international data suggest otherwise. That leaves two additional categories although former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s groups lump those killed by police and even the death of the Boston Marathon Bomber as a firearms homicide. They are criminal gun violence and so-called mass shootings.

Criminals using firearms are the biggest problem, but it is a problem we as a society know how to handle. If a thug walks into a convenience store with a gun and robs it, he has committed both a state and federal crime. Robbery is a state crime, but committing a felony with a firearm is a federal crime and prosecutable as such with a five year minimum sentence. A felon in possession of a gun is also prosecutable and can get five to ten years for having one in his possession.

Back in the nineties, the NRA partnered with law enforcement officials and prosecutors in Richmond, Virginia, which was at that time listed as America’s murder capital. The message was simple. Use a gun to commit a crime and you will get five years in a federal penitentiary with no possibility of a plea bargain. The murder rate dropped 32 percent the first year and another 20 percent the next, but the U.S. attorney who participated in what came to be known as “Project Exile” was criticized by Eric Holder, then Deputy Attorney General, for wasting prosecutorial resources.

Today felons or criminals using firearms are rarely prosecuted by the federal government. In fact, today’s U.S. murder capital is Chicago, the jurisdiction with the lowest rate of such prosecutions. Before President Obama issued his recent series of “Executive Orders” on gun violence, it was suggested that they would include instructions to U.S. prosecutors to begin charging gun criminals under existing law. That idea was dropped in favor of actions that don’t target criminals, but will make it harder for non-criminals to buy firearms.

The final category involves mass shootings such as the killing at the Sandy Hook Elementary School and the Washington Navy Yard. These tragedies rarely if ever involve criminals. They are invariably perpetrated by the severely and dangerously mentally ill. This category of violence is the most difficult to deter or prevent, but beefed up school security, getting the states to put the most potentially dangerous into the background check system and rebuilding the U.S. mental health system are the keys to dealing with them.

The American people are lucky in that the nation’s founders wrote the age old right of self defense into our Bill of Rights. Many nations don’t recognize such a right, but Americans do. It is estimated, in fact, that as many as 200,000 crimes are deterred in a typical year by armed potential victims. It’s why in every jurisdiction that has legalized what we call ‘concealed carry’ has seen a drop in violent crime. Burglars don’t break into a house with a Rottweiler in the yard and are reluctant to use violence against a man or woman who just might be able to fight back.


Bloomberg sponsored anti-gun bullshit to air 5 times during NBA  Christmas day games…


How Everytown’s background check law impedes firearms safety training and self-defense

November 2
Today, many gun control advocates are pushing for what they call universal background checks. In this and future articles, I will explain the strange system of “universal background checks” being promoted by Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety lobby. These laws  severely obstruct ordinary activities that do not involve gun sales, such as self-defense and firearms safety training.

Laws based on the Bloomberg system have been enacted in Colorado, Oregon and Washington. They will be on the ballot in 2016 in Nevada, and perhaps in Maine. A similar law (Fix Gun Checks Act, S. 374) has been repeatedly proposed federally by Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.)

The Bloomberg system applies to every firearms “transfer.” In normal firearms law, a “transfer” means “a permanent exchange of title or possession and does not include gratuitous temporary exchanges or loans.” Chow v. State. 393 Md. 431, 473, 903 A.2d 388, 413 (2006).

However, the Bloomberg laws create a very different definition. For example, the Washington state law says that “ ‘Transfer’ means the intended delivery of a firearm to another person without consideration of payment or promise of payment including, but not limited to, gifts and loans.” Rev. Code Wash. § 9.41.010(25). In other words, it applies to sharing a gun while target shooting on one’s own property, or to lending a gun to a neighbor for a weekend hunting trip.

Under the Bloomberg system, transfers may take place only at a gun store. The transfer must be conducted exactly as if the retailer were selling a firearm out of her inventory. So the transferee (the neighbor borrowing the hunting gun) must fill out ATF Form 4473; the retailer must contact the FBI or its state counterpart for a background check on the transferee; and then, the retailer must take custody of the gun and record the acquisition in her Acquisition and Disposition book. Finally, the retailer hands the gun to the transferee and records the disposition in her Acquisition and Disposition book. A few days later, after the hunting trip is over, the process must be repeated for the neighbor to return the gun to the owner; this time, the owner will be the “transferee,” who will fill out Form 4473 and undergo the background check.


How does this affect the Second Amendment’s “core lawful purpose of self-defense”? (D.C. v. Heller, 554 U.S. 570, 630 (2008)). Under the Bloomberg federal model, there is no allowance for lending a firearm to a citizen in case of emergency. S. 374, § 202(2) (exceptions only for family gifts, inheritances, transfers in the home, and for “hunting or sporting purposes” with various limitations).

Under the proposed Nevada initiative, a firearm may be lent if the loan is “necessary to prevent imminent death or great bodily harm” and the loan “lasts only so long as immediately necessary to prevent such imminent death or great bodily harm.” Whatever “imminent” means, the loan is allowed only as long as “immediately necessary.”

Read the rest Here

If reports from WBNS 10TV (CBS Columbus) and a whistleblower are accurate, Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman (D) may soon join the lengthy list (see here and here and here) of members of anti-gun extremist Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG) to face serious charges.

From the report:

It was billed as a way to fight rising crime waves and get more guns off city streets and the city’s Gun Stoppers program was announced with much fan-fare.

But 10 Investigates recent review of the program, shows it’s unclear how many guns were taken off the street – if any.

According to the article, Mayor Coleman’s Office introduced the Gun Stoppers program in 2010 utilizing a $50,000 federal grant. The grant paid for Gun Stoppers to be run jointly by the city and Crime Stoppers and gave cash rewards up to $1,000 for “tips that lead to an arrest and the confiscation of an illegal gun.”

The program was brought back in the news recently, when former Crime Stoppers director Kevin Miles claimed: “I can tell you there wasn’t a single gun turned in but I do know that they reported there was guns that were recovered with money from that program.”

Using city, county and court records, 10 Investigates reviewed the program and found Gun Stoppers paid out a total of $19,000 to tipsters.  The records, though, never listed any gun that was seized.

Police agency representatives associated with the tips told 10TV they were not directly involved with the program and said they have no records of guns associated with the Gun Stoppers program.

CrimeStoppers told the news station they don’t have any information on guns collected by their Gun Stopper program. 10TV reports that they did provide a list of arrests made in connection to the tips, but that court records show that not all the crimes even involved guns.

One award was paid for information that led to the arrest of Michael P. Reilly. Reilly was charged with multiple counts of aggravated robbery and robbery. Court records, though, show the weapon used was a knife, scissors or sharp instrument.

Another case involving the arrest of Darrian T. Cordell, where a gun was found in a car stop. The trooper testified that he stopped the car because it was following too closely in the early morning hours.

And three tips paid out exceeded the program’s $1,000 cap.  (Note: those payouts were for $3,000, $3,500 and $2,500.)

Case files show that some of the cases were where no guns were used in commission of the crime.

The report goes on to say that Columbus Public Safety’s Deputy Director Dan Giangardella said he could not give an exact answer when asked how many guns were taken off Columbus streets through Gun Stoppers. “I don’t have an exact count for that. Dozens?”

Noting that Mayor Coleman once gave public congratulations for Gun Stoppers, 10TV reports that Giangardella described Gun Stoppers as only a “a mildly successful program.” In an email to 10TV, Giangardella admitted that the program was changed in 2011, more than a year in the running, so that it “no longer require confiscation of guns.” (It’s must easier to claim a program’s “mild success” if you move the goal posts once you realize it is failing.)

The Buckeye Firearms Association opposed the Gun Stoppers program since its beginning. Gerard Valentino with the Association’s board said, “This whole program is designed to take illegal guns off the street, yet their own actions show us it must not be that big of a problem because they’re using the money inappropriately and for completely different issues.”

Former Crime Stoppers director Kevin Miles told 10TV that FBI agents recently asked him about allegations of corruption inside Columbus City Hall.

Miles is quoted as saying he saw financial abuses in the Gun Stoppers program committed by Lee Roberts, who Buckeye Firearms Association exposed in 2012 as a MAIG staff member working in a tax-payer funded position created for him in the Columbus mayor’s office (effectively using public dollars to lobby against citizens’ Second Amendment rights).

According to Miles, Roberts told him to spend the money on ads with a GLBT local magazine called Outlook Columbus. Miles told 10TV Outlook got the majority of Gun Stoppers ad dollars because they supported the mayor.

Buckeye Firearms Association has been reporting on corruption within Coleman’s office for years.

Emails obtained by Buckeye Firearms Association and Media Trackers Ohio in 2012 revealed that Roberts and Coleman’s office conspired to use the deaths of three high school students to limit Second Amendment rights within hours of the February 2012 shootings at Chardon High School. The emails also revealed that Roberts also worked with staffers of then-New York Mayor Bloomberg to leverage the shooting of former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords for new federal gun restrictions.

Coleman spokesman Daniel Williamson suggested in a Media Trackers interview that Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG) and Coleman staffer R. Lee Roberts were not involved in lobbying legislators against the legislation. However, internal emails show that not only was Williamson aware of MAIG’s active opposition to the bill, Williamson himself assisted in lobbying efforts. Contrary to Williamson’s claims, the emails proved that Roberts spent months agitating against Ohio’s Restaurant & Car Carry Rules Fix in 2011. After the bill passed, emails prove Roberts also conspired with Williamson to lobby Governor Kasich not to sign it.
It is not known whether reports of an FBI investigation effected Coleman’s decision not to run for a fifth term.

Among the candidates seeking to replace him is the Democrat president of the Columbus City Council, Andrew Ginter.

Instead of expressing concern about the allegations, Ginter chose to attack the whistleblower and his claims.

“They seem a bit bizarre to me. And interesting to me they come about some 5 years after the fact. We all know of the situation with Mr. Miles departure from Columbus and the fact that some things were done under his watch with Crime Stoppers that kind of beg the question , why now and why in this type of approach?” said Ginther.

Ginter, who has received the endorsement of Coleman, stood at the mayor’s side during the 2010 Gun Stoppers rollout.

One recurring truth about the anti-gun movement is how often they try to create new organizations which claim “neutrality” or “moderation” on the Second Amendment, but in reality are nothing more than carbon copies of all the anti-gun groups that have come before them.

As we reported a few weeks ago, fanatically anti-gun Michael Bloomberg has found a new venture to pour his money into.  It’s called “The Trace”, which claims to be a fair news organization devoted to researching “gun violence.” The head of the new group, former New Republic Magazine editor James Burnett even went as far as to suggest the group will not publish editorials supporting specific legislation or candidates, but simply provide information and news stories in opposition to “gun violence.”  But let’s look at reality.

First, the group has no need to endorse specific legislation or a given candidate to achieve their anti-gun goals.  All they have to do is gin up “news” or biased “analyses” that provide specific anti gun messaging which supports whichever draconian law is Bloomberg’s favorite flavor of the day at the national or state level.  Obviously, this information will then provide the foundation for countless more news stories from the anti-gun press, countless more anti-gun legislative initiatives, and countless more talking points for anti-gun candidates to use when running for office.  And this is exactly what “The Trace” will work tirelessly to make happen.

And we can’t forget who is making this all possible. “The Trace” is funded not only by Bloomberg, but also by the famously anti-gun Joyce Foundation and the cofounder of the reliably anti-gun Huffington Post. With financial support like that, does anyone believe that there will be any information from “The Trace” that is anything other than anti-gun propaganda?

Burnett stated that “The Trace” is needed because there is not enough anti-gun violence coverage in the media.  One wonders if he has ever read the New York Times, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, or any one of a number of big city newspapers that attack our Second Amendment rights on a regular basis.  Or perhaps he does not have cable TV and so is not exposed to anti-gun coverage on CNN or MSNBC.  It sounds more like Editor Burnett lives where pigs fly and unicorns win the Kentucky Derby.

There can be no doubt that Bloomberg and his allies are focusing resources towards an all-out assault on our rights with “The Trace” simply another move to fulfill their broader mission.  As subverting the truth to achieve their goals has been well established as a tactic of choice, we can expect the same from “The Trace.”  NRA-ILA will not let their lies and distortions go unanswered, and together we can stand up to Bloomberg and his media allies, especially when he stacks the deck against freedom in such an unmitigated and craven way.

Editor’s Note: recently contacted Buckeye Firearms Association about the closing of the media access loophole. The resulting article, entitled “Another State Just Made It Impossible for Reporters to Access Concealed Carry Records,” is posted here.

Readers Beware.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg recently revealed a new tactic in his ongoing campaign to impose his anti-gun agenda on Americans with the launch of “The Trace .” The new website describes itself as a “media organization dedicated to expanding coverage of guns in the United States.” Bloomberg, of course, already owns and controls one of the largest media empires in the world in Bloomberg LP , but apparently it is not adequately biased to serve his anti-gun agenda.

According to editorial director James Burnett, “The Trace” is not an “anti-gun” organization, but hopes to “appeal to people across the spectrum on the issue.” But the content makes it clear that the organization is just another Bloomberg-funded gun control project. The site even states, “We bring an admitted bias to our beat.”

Huffington Post further illustrated this intentional bias while celebrating the launch of the new “news” organization. “We believe that the rate of gun violence is too high and we believe that there is not enough information about the issue as a whole,” editorial director James Burnett said in his interview. “As journalists, we have it as our mission to address that shortage of information.”

Like other Bloomberg backed organizations (Everytown for Gun Safety, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, and Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America), “The Trace” has already earned a lack of credibility among gun owners. Within the first few days of operation, the organization has readers outraged over one-sided reporting on issues and reckless disregard for facts.

It is clear that Bloomberg’s true goal is not to increase education and awareness on firearms and firearm safety, but to even more thoroughly color the information that reaches Americans about their Second Amendment rights. Orwellian propagandists have nothing on the sprawling Bloomberg newspeak machine.

Readers who may stumble across an article in “The Trace” — and any legitimate reporters seeking to inform themselves and the public on Second Amendment issues — should ignore the advocacy “journalists” at the “The Trace” and treat them like the Bloomberg, anti-gun staffers they are.

Click here to read the entire op-ed at

Yesterday the Texas Legislature passed a bill that would allow open carry. Current law in Texas only allows concealed carry if a person has a pistol license. The new bill, which Governor Abbott already said he will sign into law will allow those with pistol licenses to openly carry firearms whereas before it only allowed them to carry concealed.

In New Hampshire, the legislature passed a bill that would allow Granite Staters who are legally able to purchase and possess firearms to have the option of a pistol license or simply carry concealed without one (also know as Constitutional Carry). Current law in New Hampshire allows open carry without a pistol license.

Two states – two different but similar issues at hand. Moms Demand of Texas is pushing to stop open carry while Moms Demand of New Hampshire wants everyone to open carry rather than carry concealed. Law enforcement officials (LEOs) of both states also seem to be schizophrenic on carrying because in Texas LEOs claim open carry is dangerous but in New Hampshire they claim concealed carry is dangerous and would prefer all Granite Staters open carry.

You can’t have it both ways. There are no two ways about the 2nd Amendment or the right of citizens to keep and bear arms. This is nothing more than the politics of gun control in both states. It proves they aren’t using logic for their arguments but simply fighting against the rights of Americans. It proves that the anti-2nd Amendment crowd in either state will fight against the will of the majority of citizens to continue with gun control measures.

One big difference between the states – the governors. Greg Abbott tweeted minutes after the final vote in the senate:

Open Carry just passed in both the Texas House & Senate. Next destination: My Pen.

Whereas Governor Maggie Hassan in New Hampshire sided with the out-of-state paid hacktivists of billionaire gun control extremist Michael Bloomberg and stated she will veto the bill that is overwhelmingly supported by the majority of her constituents. From her statement:

By passing Senate Bill 116, the legislature would be taking a step away from our tradition of common-sense gun laws, and I intend to veto this measure if it passes.

Hassan is aligning with Bloomberg rather than the people who actually live in her state. This is ironic since a recent poll showed that almost 90% of New Hampshire voters oppose organizations like Moms Demand spending money to change gun laws. That same poll shows that 71% of Granite Staters do not like the current pistol license law due the state-sanctioned discrimination it allows.

While each bill is different for each state, each bill had the same opponents – Moms Demand and LEOs. Each bill had the same proponents – residents of the state. Texas wants to change open carry laws while New Hampshire wants to change concealed carry laws. In either case, the schizophrenia of gun control extremists shined through. They each gave the same argument on opposite ends of spectrum.

Clearly these people can’t have the same argument under different circumstances. Moms Demand and LEOs for gun control are nothing more than schizophrenic political hacks that seek to push more hoplophobic laws and restrict freedoms of law-abiding Americans. That any governor of any state would listen to these people over her own constituency is egregious and inexcusable. Governors are supposed to represent their constituency, not out-of-state billionaires who may donate money to future campaigns.

Representatives in each state voted to pass legislation that was backed by the majority of their constituents. Score one for Texans for having a governor who understands the concept of representing the will of the people.

Via David Codrea

“Tommy Gnosis is someone named Jennifer Mascia,” Herschel Smith at The Captain’s Journal posted in March. He was describing someone who, under cover of anonymity, “visits web sites — particularly gun rights web sites — and spreads discontent and dejection.”

That’s consistent with the “elaborate subterfuge” technique for “infiltrating and disrupting alternative media online” used by those with an agenda. Per Canadian research, such “Internet trolls aren’t just mean — they’re sadists and psychopaths.”

That would also seem consistent with the control-all megalomaniac who hired her, in a company-he-keeps kind of way. Mascia is one of two paid flacks “attached prominently to the Everytown news project,” an experiment in virtual Astroturf that billionaire Michael Bloomberg will be rolling out this summer.

The guy wants to control everything else, so why not the narrative?

What drives Mascia is anybody’s guess, but chances are her father having been an underworld killer with multiple hits under his belt had an influence. That probably comes as a surprise to many gun rights advocates, unaware that Al Jazeera told its readers “America’s best hope for tracking gun deaths is a mob enforcer’s daughter,” and Bloomberg’s Moms Demand Action gushed on social media that her story was “Amazing.”

That Mascia’s primary female role model — a moral weakling of a mother who knew about, but nonetheless supported and covered up for the monster she was married to and did nothing to stop him — no doubt also had an influence. It also may explain an affinity for foolish and contemptible lackeys that provide cover for those who would take all choices away.

At this point, though, good people would still feel a degree of sympathy. After all, Mascia had no control over who her parents were or what they did. Their defects and failings were not her fault.

The problem is, she’s chosen to become part of an effort to make the rest of us defenseless against sociopath predators like her father, and enablers who help them kill, like her mother. She knows full well no “law” proposed by her billionaire patron would have any effect on stopping diseased animals like John Mascia from working his sick will on more victims.

The creepiest thing is the way Mascia rationalizes the homicidal punk using “shades of gray,” allowing her to view him as two unrelated personalities, “my dad and … this separate John,” and to write a book as “my way of honoring my parents [and] still loving them.”

There is no gray in the premeditated taking of human life for gain, nor any claim to honor. It is blackest evil. It must be stopped, and anyone interfering with your ability to do that is an ally of that evil. Grieving families of victims the Mascia thug murdered could have loved their fathers, sons or brothers as well.

So while empathy for a daughter dealing with traumatic stress is understandable, when coping defects are taken out on the rest of us, we’re under no obligation to tolerate resulting toxic and irrational damage. In the case of Meadow Soprano here, her “work” for Bloomberg would best be met with an invitation to take her damn Daddy Issues out on something else, and leave our rights alone.

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Freedom is Worth the Fight!

Something Wicked Comes

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Understanding the Constitution

The Gun Blog Black List

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Long Range Hunting Online Magazine

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"once more unto the breach, dear friends..."

The Lizard Farmer

"You can't starve us out and you can't make us run 'cause we're them old boys raised on shotguns" -Bocephus

John Lott's Website

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The Aging Rebel

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The War on Guns

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Improving Far Forward Care

John W. Whitehead, Constitutional Attorney

President of The Rutherford Institute, Author of 'Battlefield America' and 'A Government of Wolves'

Free North Carolina

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Watts Up With That?

The world's most viewed site on global warming and climate change



NC Renegades

Don’t get too attached to today; tomorrow it’s gone. Robert Gore


The Blog of Arizona Weaponcraft Solutions


Never underestimate the power of a question