Michael Bloomberg suggests disarming minorities to ‘keep them alive’

Posted: February 10, 2015 by gamegetterII in anti-gun asshattery
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The ONLY thing Bloomberg got right was this…

“They just don’t have any long-term focus or anything. It’s a joke to have a gun. It’s a joke to pull a trigger.”

What he has wrong is it’s not the gun that’s the problem-it’s the PERSON WHO PULLS THE TRIGGER.

When you have an entire subculture of kids who aspire to be rappers,dope dealers,and gang-bangers-then THAT’s the problem,not an inanimate object that’s a tool,nothing more-nothing less.   

Speaking of tools-Shannon Watts and the rest of hizzoners minions in his bought and paid for “grassroots gun control groups” keep trying to bully store and business owners to ban guns on their premises,and continue to call for a ban on “assault rifles” despite the fact that other tools-namely blunt objects-are used to commit more homicides than ALL rifles combined-including the scary looking misnamed by the anti-gun media “assault rifle”. Just as a gun is a tool that can be misused-so are the hammers,baseball bats,and other “blunt objects” that are responsible for more homicides than all rifles are-why isn’t Ms. Watts braying about banning hammers and baseball bats?

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg reportedly argued Friday that guns need to be kept out of the hands of minorities in order to keep them alive.

While speaking at the Aspen Institute, Mr. Bloomberg, 72, said 95 percent of murders fall into a specific category: a male minority between the ages of 15 and 25, The Aspen Times reported.

In this Sept. 16, 2014, file photo, former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg smiles prior to be conferred with the Chevalier de la Legion d'Honneur by France's Foreign minister Laurent Fabius, at the Quai d'Orsay, in Paris. (AP Photo/Thibault Camus, File)

Cities need to get guns out of this group’s hands and keep them alive, the former three-term mayor said, according to The Times.

“These kids think they’re going to get killed anyway because all their friends are getting killed,” Mr. Bloomberg said, The Times reported. “They just don’t have any long-term focus or anything. It’s a joke to have a gun. It’s a joke to pull a trigger.”

Mr. Bloomberg brought up the New York Police Department’s stop-and-frisk practices, recalling a time during his last year in office when a Baptist minster in Harlem invited him to speak at their church, The Times reported.

“While I’m sitting there waiting for him to introduce me, he said to his congregation, ‘You know, if every one of you stopped and frisked your kid before they went out at night, the mayor wouldn’t have to do it,’” Mr. Bloomberg said. “And so I knew I was going to be OK with that audience.”

The former mayor spoke to a sold-out crowd Friday about a variety of topics, including poverty, education and marijuana legalization.

Mr. Bloomberg argued that Colorado’s legalization of recreational marijuana use was a terrible idea and is hurting children, The Times reported.

“What are we going to say in 10 years when we see all these kids whose IQs are 5 and 10 points lower than they would have been?” he asked. “I couldn’t feel more strongly about it, and my girlfriend says it’s no different than alcohol. It is different than alcohol. This is one of the stupider things that’s happening across our country.”

Not as stupid as the mayor’s anti-gun asshattery.

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