Learn How to Feed large Groups Safely

Posted: January 26, 2016 by gamegetterII in cooking, Uncategorized

Learn the procedures and techniques to safely feed your tribe under any conditions-and provide proper nutrition needed,as people will be under stress and healthy,great tasting food not only boosts morale,it helps your tribe fight off diseases,and keeps everyone in top physical and mental shape.

You can send one member of your tribe to take the course,and they can relay the information to the rest of your group.Your team,tribe,group,clan whatever you call them can’t survive for long eating MRE’s,beans and rice-learn how to keep everyone well fed, good food keeps everyone mentally and physically healthy,fewer people will succumb to colds,flu,respiratory infections  that often lead to pneumonia, and other diseases that will run rampant in any long term grid down scenario.

When- Sat. March 12th

Where-Sagamore Hills,Ohio-(between Akron and Cleveland)

More info-Course description ,class info,location and how to sign up for class-click on the Feeding Your Tribe Now and During a SHTF Event at top of page.


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