All work and no play sucks

Posted: September 5, 2016 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

Welcome back-spot on post.

The Lizard Farmer


I just got back stateside a few days ago and there’s a few things I have to catch up on before I begin posting regularly again. Just a few notes to catch up:

First off I didn’t know Mike V. had passed until the day after I got back, may he rest in peace. A quick browse through Sipsey Street and sitting in on a III% teleconference last night accomplished something for me: It gave me hope. Matt V in my opinion is a more than worthy successor to the III% mantle (even if he doesn’t want it) and his emphasis on the III% catechism is spot on. Bravo Matt, keep up the fire.

A lot of folks are butthurt that Max Velocity has started charging for his forum. MDT has a good writeup on the subject in which he uses the phrase “tactical welfare”. And you know what? He’s…

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