Youkits TJ2B

Posted: September 5, 2016 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

This is a textbook example /definition of how to review a piece of gear…


0904161556 The Youkits TJ2B, pictured beside the venerable Yaesu 817ND and LDG Tuner, along with 25ft of RG-8X coax and my awesome resistor commo patch from our friends at 144:1. 

Youkits has made a name for themselves in the inexpensive QRP market with small transceivers that originally were imported in kit configuration and presented fun projects for the amateur operator looking to build something and get on the air. Not breaking the bank, these sets offered a lot in the cost-to-ratio department, and as such, caught the eye of the Prepper/Survivalist radio market. But being from China and having little to no information and no big name backing them, many frugal-minded folks have been understandably cautious to spend hard-earned money on something possibly of dubious quality. Henry Bowman, a frequent commenter, contributor, and friend, had the testicular fortitude to pick one up, and dropped it off with me for an eval…

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