Improving on the Biggest Fuck You Ever

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Rant time-

NSFW /Trigger warnings for all the special snowflakes…


All the dirt people who live outside of the libtard leftist infested cities voting for Trump ain’t necessarily gonna get the guy elected.
There is a better,even bigger fuck you that could be delivered-I get to it-just takes a while.

Besides that-the fact that is there is no voting our way out of this mess-there’s more illegals,libtards and dead voters in the cities.
Look at a map of how every county in FUSA voted the last couple elections-and it looks like red team is the majority in all but a few areas-the Pacific NW,NYC/NE Corridor,metro DC,Chiraq,assorted cities around the great lakes,and some other assorted blue blobs.
Problem is-the blue parts are where most of the people live-their votes count more than ours because they out number us and they don’t have a fuckin clue about how us dirt people live.

They have no clue where their food comes from-they assume it all comes from the storeroom of the local Whole Foods or whatever local price gouging organic food store they shop at.
They have no idea how to change the oil in their car-if they even own one-changing a tire for them involves calling AAA.
They’ve never had to do a damn thing for themselves.
Never shot a deer,field dressed and butchered it themselves.
Never butchered a steer or a hog,never grew their own veggies,never canned tomatoes,never shot a rifle,shotgun,or handgun.
They’ve been spoon fed leftist nonsense all their lives,all of K-12,then it got worse in college.
We have cities full of beta males,SJW’s,and the parade of sexual deviants that make up the LGBTQWERTY “movement”. I  could care less what two consenting adults do in their bedrooms,but I don’t want their way of life forced on me or my children. These people are less than 1-2% of the population,but via the leftist victim class machine-it is made to appear they are half the population.
The city women spend all of their prime child-bearing years in college,then slaving for a decade or so to pay off the student loans for college.By the time they have paid off their loans,and are ready to “settle down” they are sickened when they discover that all the “men” are abnormal beta males or sexually deviant in one way or another,and the “husband/father of their children” pool of available men is near zero.
Then they become lesbian cat ladies,or “feminists”,”animal rights” activists,or “environmentalists” or SJW’s.
If we stopped with the every kid goes to college bullshit-brought back shop classes in our schools,taught useful trades at our vocational/career center/vo-ed schools,we would have fewer beta males,fewer 40-50 year old cat lady lesbians,etc.
The PC bullshit,and the SJW’s ruining peoples lives over some bullshit that’s a perceived slight to one of the victim class has to stop-what some of them need-the beta male version-is to get their asses beat-punched straight in the mouth. No more of this crap like when the guy legally killed “Cecil the lion”,no more of this hunting is animal cruelty garbage either.
The entire globull warming/climate change scam needs to come to a full stop.
Every member of the “environmental movement”in a .gov job must be fired
No more of this crap where the enviro-nazis/”animal rights” whackos file lawsuits against the fedgov,USFWS,USFS,BLM,etc,collect legal fees,then dictate land use policies-or hunting regs,or shut down target shooting,hunting,trapping,off road vehicles,etc.
No more of these whackjobs shutting down logging on USFS or state forest lands,no more denying oil and gas drilling permits,no more war on coal,and all the “Green energy” taxpayer subsidized garbage has to stop.
NO more of this crap that a freakin’ puddle is a “navigable water of the U.S.” or a “wetland”. No more of this insanity that a plowed field is full of “mini mountain ranges”
The enviro-nazis at the EPA must all be fired-every one as of them. The agency needs to go back to dealing with actual air and water pollution-and running my damn chainsaw or riding my 4 wheeler is not “air pollution”.
The BLM needs reigned in-farmers,ranchers,hunters,fishermen and kids who ride dirt bikes have as much right to use the lands as the granola eating,Birkenstock wearing environmental-with emphasis on the mental “activists” do.

.gov SWAT  teams need disbanded-there’s no reason for the BLM,or the USFS,or the USFWS to have their own freakin SWAT team.

Nor is there any reason for every podunk town having it’s own MRAP and SWAT team.
These douchenozzles making up this crap-and those voting it into law are not normal people-they are the cloud people who live in the liberal/leftist cities.
They’ve been brainwashed for so many years,they believe that they and only they know what’s best for us dirt people-sorry,but we do not want grown ass men in the bathroom with our daughters-no matter what psychological disorder or sexual perversion they have-they do not belong in the bathrooms with our daughters-NO.

We are not the problem, nor are we the cause of the “gun violence” epidemic.

Criminals/psychopaths/sociopaths/gang-bangers/dope dealers are the problem.

No more “gun control”-none. No more. No. Over the past 40 years or so,the number of guns owned by us dirt people has increased at an astronomical rate-while “gun violence” is at an all time low.

Give up on the gun control scheme-it’s not gonna happen-no one will comply. How’s the compliance rate in Connecticut? NY State?


This would be an even bigger,better improved fuck you to those who desire to rule over us…

Us dirt people could stop all this bullshit in 3-5 DAYS-MAX.
If every carpenter,bricklayer,drywall hanger/finisher,concrete worker,steel worker,plumber,painter,landscaper,tree service worker,factory worker,hotel maid,chef,cook,waitress/waiter,store cashier,taxi driver,and especially truck driver-just refused to work for 3-5 days-this shit would stop.

The cloud people simply can not function without us.
Their world comes to a sudden stop.
Make it even better-the farmers all refuse to ship any corn,soybeans,or wheat for a week or ten days at the peak of the harvest for each crop.
The fetid,corrupt cesspools simply can not function unless us dirt people let them function.
Even if for a single day,we all stayed home-it fucks their world up.
November 9th would be a good day if the Hildebeast steals the election…


Nov. 9th is the day to start getting the pitchforks,torches,and hemp rope together.

The globalist,open borders,NWO,global governance bullshit has been planned for a hundred years or so. The Marxist/leftist/globalist crowd has been playing the long game-they’ve been playing chess while the liberty/patriot/ “III%” movement has been too busy fighting amongst themselves to accomplish anything other than lots of Molon Labe memes on Farcebook and twatter. In other words-playing checkers.

To have any chance of stopping the Hildebeast/Soros/Globalist/Leftist/Marxist/eco-enviro nazi/animal rights whacko/globull warming-climate change -( all of which are interconnected)-nonsense us dirt people simply have to fight back-tell these people NO-Instead of worrying about being called names,or having the SJW stormtroopers attack us by calling us racists,homophobes,xenophobes,Islamophobes,fascists,nazis,deplorables,rednecks,etc.etc-fight back correct them on their misconceptions-tell them they’ve been brainwashed-and tell them to fuck off-we don’t care what we are called by you mindless zombies. It’s in no way racist,or any kind of phobic to want to preserve our culture,our way of life. These people do not live in the real world,they have no clue how we live,they have no clue what decades of offshoring manufacturing jobs and importing third world illiterate laborers who are all democrat voters has done to us.

The suicide rate for us dirt people-those of us in “flyover country” has been steadily increasing since the “great recession” began,the rate of drug and alcohol addiction has skyrocketed among rural folk.

Drugs are flowing in across our porous southern border-along with violent gangs like MS-13,and thousands of illegals working for the Mexican cartels. Most of FUSA is struggling with a heroin epidemic-the influx of heroin began with the misguided invasion of Afghanistan. I’ll just leave that one there with no additional comment.
Trump is the result of lots of pissed off people who have  no say in the policies dictated by the corrupt politicians in mordor on the Potomac. The DC cesspool  is  full of wealthy leftist 1% elites-crooked politicians who come to D.C. with little money,then leave as millionaires,then go on to a “consulting” or lobbying job at one of the companies they passed bills to benefit. The wealthy leftists and the uniparty GOP-Dem politicians working together to rule us from mordor on the Potomac are the problem.

Taxation without representation was part of the reason the revolutionary war -leftist rule by importing third world people who hate us will be part of the reason the next revolutionary war is fought-unless the leftists win by filling the cities with third world vermin who vote leftist,which makes all of the dirt people’s votes null and void because of the electoral college giving the cities more say so in how we are ruled.

As this happens-and it’s already happening-look at a map of the FUSA county by county vote and you’ll see it clearly-the police state,the surviellance state,and the regulatory state will grow exponentially. The insane number of laws will increase,many of them labeling us “domestic terrorists”,the number of “hate speech” laws will increase-one only has to look at the crap taking place in Europe-where politcians and citizens alike are charged with “hate speech” for pointing out that the invasion of fake refugees is hurting their cities/countries.

It’s way past time to improve on the biggest fuck you the world has ever seen
If it’s not done-the left will succeed with their century old plan to rule over all of us-those who know what that will be like want no part of it-yet it is being force-fed to us at  an increasing rate.

Anyone got a better idea-short of armed revolt? (at least for now)

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  2. chulai1968 says:

    One of the All Time Great Fucking Posts! Loved it. I am so damned sick and tired of the way things are going. It is time to end it…… now.
    Thanks for the post. Thanks for allowing me to comment. And Thanks for…. well, …. for just thinking the way you do.
    November 8, 2016 … let it go down in history as the day we took our country back!


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