Complete Guide: the Proposed National Wildlife Refuge Hunting Expansions 

Posted: August 16, 2017 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

About time! 

Now we need to get rid of hunting bans on the millions of acres that Obama designated national monuments, along with all the prior ” monument” designations.

All BLM and other fedgov owned land should be open to hunting and fishing.

Enough of the Gaia worshipers, enviro- nazis and animal “rights” whackos dictating fed land use policies via sue and settle and abuse of the endangered species act. Public land is just that- public. 

The anti- hunting zealots-  most of which live in big cities, the coasts, the so called ” NE corridor” and “I-95 corridor” should not be dicating policy at all, and should not be able to ban hunting, fishing or trapping on public lands.

I’m sure there will be pushback from PETA, HSUS, the enviro- nazis, assorted animal ” rights” groups, and theGbatshit crazy Gaia worshipers.

Anyone who spends time hunting and fishing needs to leave comments in support of the expanded hunting and fishing on National Wildlife Refuges.

Hunters and fishermen contribute more to fish and wildlife conservation than all the animal ” rights” whackos, enviro- nazis, and Gaia worshipers combined have ever or will ever contribute.

Not only in funding- in volunteer labor for habitat improvement plus cleaning up lakeshores and ocean beaches,along with river and stream banks.

Many species of fish and shellfish, crustaceans,and species of small and big game,and especially waterfowl were on the verge of extinction until hunters and fishermen stepped in.

Sportsmens groups like Ducks Unlimited, National Wild Turkey Foundation, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation,Trout Unlimited,Pheasants Forever, Quality Deer Management Association, and many, many more at the local, county, state, and national level have spent billions on habitat improvement and restoration, breeding and raising fish and game for release in the wild.

These groups have also contributed millions of hours of work in projects to conserve wildlife.

Hunters and fishermen contribute billions every year through the purchase of licenses and permits- and even more through excise taxes on firearms, ammo, hunting and fishing gear. ( Pittman- Robertson act.)

Anyone who buys firearms and/ or ammo contributes far more to wildlife conservation than all the anti- hunting, animal rights,enviro whacko, Gaia worshiping groups ever have.

If we don’t speak up and support expanded hunting and fishing on the refuges that were funded by hunters and fishermen- the whackos will keep going and get hunting banned on more and more public land, denying hunting and fishing opportunities to more and more hunters and fishermen.


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