LeBron James calls out Trump on Twitter, at Cedar Point appearance… or why Lebron is still a global superdouche

Posted: August 17, 2017 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

STFU and worry about basketball-

The comments made by James just add fuel to the fire.

He talks about “healing the country” yet criticizes Trump and anyone to the right of Stalin.
Media is doing the same.

Now not only do BLM, Antifa, BAMN, and the rest of the left want every confederate monument destroyed- they want Washington and Jefferson removed from Mount Rushmore- and they want to sandblast Stone Mountain to remove it because of who is depicted on the mountain.

This bullshit is just like what happened in Russia in 1917, what the Taliban did to ancient artifacts, churches and statues, and what ISIS has done and is doing today.

The left and these fascists that call themselves antifa are going to cause more violence and shit is gonna get a hell of a lot worse.

Trump is president partially because white people are sick of being called racists, Islamaphobes, homophobes, Nazis, bigots, xenophobes, and on and on. The left has been doing this shit for decades and it’s been getting worse with each passing year.

Why did the cops in Charlottesville force those attending the unite the right rally out of the park-  and force them into a crowd of well over a thousand violent antifa, BLM,BAMN, and actual Commumists? The cops could have had people leave the park by a different exit where there was no waiting mob throwing bricks, bottles, urine, feces,using spray cans as flamethrowers, hosing people down with mace and pepper spray, and beating people with baseball bats, stabbing people with sharpened flagpoles, and kicking and punching people.

The cops, the racist ” vice mayor” of Charlottesville, and the Marxist governor of Virgina are the reason the unite the right rally turned violent.

The guy who ran people over with his car is responsible for that disaster-and no one else.

He chose to drive his car into people. Some reports state that antifa and the commies were smashing his car with various weapons- and there is video to support that claim. However- the driver is still responsible for driving into the crowd.

Those smashing his car are not innocent protesters- they were actively engaged in rioting and every one of them deserves to be arrested and jailed for their violent criminal activity.

Media coverage was very heavily edited to make it appear that everyone in Lee park was a Nazi or a KKK member, or a skinhead. What media did not show was antifa attacking those leaving the park- or antifa attacking people on their way into the park.

Many of the Nazis were likely paid protesters- as evidenced by their crisp brand new nazi flags- that still had the folds from packaging and shipping, along with the brand new clothes many were wearing.

Plus there’s the fact that the unite the right rally was a legal, permitted gathering-

 the mob of antifa, communists, BLM, and BAMN had no permit- they were never forced to clear out by police, and were allowed to run amok assaulting those there for the unite the right rally.

Then there’s the selective editing by the media done to make it appear that all those who attended the unite the right rally were Nazis/KKK/Skinheads/ white supremacists.

The Marxist media is not telling the whole story- and is broadcasting biased bullshit that’s nothing more than propaganda 24/7.

Not one media outlet has called out antifa, BLM, and the rest of the actually racist,violent left for their rioting on Sat.

Instead they push the propaganda that everyone who attended the unite the right rally was a racist, white supremacist,bigoted Nazi- when the fact is those groups did not comprise the majority of the unite the right attendees.


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