Dr Yokiel/Center for Comprehensive Pain Care Update

Posted: April 26, 2018 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

The attorney I had is useless. He’s fired.
I’ve been talking to new attorney,met with him on Mon.
He’s going to check into filing,and this time,I’m going to have him contact everyone who’s e-mail I have,rather than me trying to do updates I just no longer have the time to do.
I provided this guy with case #’s to lawsuits that have been won by patients who were cut off pain meds,and by patients who were told by Dr’s that there was no reason for them to need pain meds-even though their medical records clearly indicated that they had tried all other options before pain meds.
I’m not giving up on lawsuit-it has to be filed prior to Oct 20th,which was the official date CCPC closed.
My problem with time is that it now takes me at least twice as long to do things,stuff I used to be able to do in 3-4 hours now takes 6-8 hours,due to pain slowing me down.

I still have not received my medical records from Yokiel’s office-but they send bills out regularly.
I’m not paying anything-I figure forcing me to go through withdrawls is more than equal $$$ wise to the lousy $100.00 or so I owed.
I tried to get this done-and I’m still trying.
My opinion of lawyers is now most are such lowlife scumbags that they’re somewhere between the bottom of a snake’s belly and the whale shit on the bottom of the oceans.


  1. susanjh says:

    Thank you for keeping us updated on the Dr. Yokiel lawsuit. We appreciate you speaking up and not just letting this go. So many people were effected here. No human being should suffer through pain due to politics. I find this whole opioid so called crisis to be a punch in the gut! It’s never been the much needed pain medication anyway, it’s the heroin and phentynal abuse by druggies. As usual the people that really need it are the ones that suffer. I blame politicians for this!!! They pass laws for the medical community and don’t even have their facts straight! What’s even more infuriating is that the medical community allows them to do so. Why don’t the doctors make a stand and speak up to these politicians. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Let doctor’s do their job as they see fit. Not doctor according to some ballot box.

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