Hahahahahaha…”We’re coming for the NRA. Here’s how.” Hahahaha…

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Dear fellow MoveOn member,

The Parkland massacre changed everything for me.

Seeing the students who survived the shooting attending their high school classmates’ funerals, mourn, and speak out to demand that adults end the killing flipped a switch in my life.

I’ve spent every minute possible since then organizing a new campaign called #NoRA, which brings together some of the country’s best creative minds, leading gun control experts, Parkland students, and activists, all ready to take on the National Rifle Association (NRA) directly—since it’s the NRA that is standing in the way of every single gun control measure.

And next week we’re going right to the belly of the beast: We’re heading to the NRA’s annual meeting in Dallas, where Mike Pence will deliver a speech—to organize large-scale actions and protests.

#NoRA is partnering with MoveOn and allies to make sure we can really make ourselves heard there, and that’s why I’m writing you with an urgent request: Will you chip in $3 now to MoveOn to help us confront the NRA directly?

Yes, I’ll chip in right now.

I refuse to accept that massacres at schools are normal. I refuse to accept that an average of 96 people—including seven children—killed by guns every day in America is normal.1

This level of killing doesn’t happen in any other developed country. Only in America.

And it happens in America because the NRA is standing in the way of closing the background check loophole that could have saved 13 lives at Columbine High School.

And because the NRA is standing in the way of mandatory safe storage and trigger locks that could have saved 26 lives at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

And because the NRA is standing in the way of an assault weapons ban that could have saved 17 lives at Parkland High School.

The bottom line? The NRA—and the gun manufacturers that fund it—value money over our children’s lives.

But the NRA’s time signing checks with our blood to buy politicians and win elections is up. We’re coming for the NRA. And, together, we’re going to end the epidemic of gun violence in America.

To take on the NRA directly next week, we need help from MoveOn members, including you, Larry.

Will you please chip in $3 to support our work to fight the NRA in Dallas next week and MoveOn’s relentless campaigning for gun control? Click here if you will.

Thanks for all you do.

–Alyssa Milano


1. “Gun Violence by the Numbers,” Everytown for Gun Safety, accessed April 26, 2018

  1. pgraysurvival says:

    What a sad little creature.


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