Comment Of The Week: Hamster Overload

Posted: July 9, 2018 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

Chateau Heartiste

From anonymous, our COTW winner (don’t you wish you had picked a handle now?):

For ages, people have asked “what do women want?”

The answer is simple.

Women want people and things that are pre-approved by their peers.

This becomes the torsion that wracks their very souls as socially, they are required to want things that are often diametrically the opposite of what they themselves want.

Sadly, the hamster will churn on, trying to weave a semblance of balance between the social needs and the internal wants.

This misalignment between social expectation and sexual appetite is stronger in women than in men; (it’s virtually nonexistent in men, because men from all classes and social strata prefer pretty young women over ugly older women).

We here at the Chateau have a term for it (courtesy of GBFM aka Q aka President Trump): alpha fux, beta bux. Women desire sexy charming jerkboys…

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