Mistakenly Blaming Pain Treatment for Drug Deaths

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Opioid Commission Mistakenly Blames Pain Treatment for Drug Deaths – Jacob Sullum|Nov. 2, 2017

In the report it published yesterday (Nov 1, 2017), the President’s Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis, chaired by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, endorses what has become the standard explanation for the rise in opioid-related deaths during the last decade and a half.

“A widely held and supportable view is that the modern opioid crisis originated within the healthcare system,” the report says. The problem began, it explains, with “a growing compulsion to detect and treat pain.”

That response is fundamentally misguided because the narrative endorsed by the commission is wrong in several crucial ways.  

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  1. pgraysurvival says:

    There is a huge danger with so called studies that has caused all sorts of repercussions in the UK over the years. For example. I have been forcibly swapped from drug to drug to combat chronic pain over the years and have experienced all sorts of horrible effects.
    The problem is the drugs watchdog.
    They saying you can’t stay on the same drug indefinitely even though it’s been working well. To that end I was swapped, reported bad effects, and the doctor put me back on the original juice only for the question to arise some 6 months later. A sort of pointless paperwork exercise to keep within the rules.
    Only in the UK any decision these watchdogs take has a degree of ‘mission creep’ and thus all sorts of treatments that have worked successfully for years for someone HAVE to be changed. With predictable results. Some terminal, but never to be challenged by law as the UK’s system of legal redress is only for the rich, never the poor.
    Thus we come to the internet.
    Thank Gawd for it. You can buy anything you want if you know how as some use it as their primary source of drugs. OK it costs a tad more but you can buy bulk and unit pricing often works out cheaper than a doctors script and a pharmacy.
    The plus is you live on what works, the negative is you’re breaking the law in some instances. The bad bit was being asked by the doctor why you haven’t renewed your prescription (script). At first there was a lot of confused anger but finally when the scale of self medicating was uncovered, the attitude of many medical professionals has changed to one of tacit acceptance and quiet monitoring.
    Best bit about it?
    The government fools write reports praising themselves how their policies have reduced opiate use. Like all paper work beauocracy, the paperwork proves them right.
    Little do those fools REALLY know.

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