Disguises in the Age Of Surveillance

Posted: February 26, 2019 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

“In a discussion with a fellow who …. knows, I confirmed my suspicions that there is facial recognition systems everywhere. Not only that, but license plate readers are everywhere as well. While I myself am a completely law abiding good citizen who would never do anything….lawless, I have in the past given some advice….

Never, ever, ever, bring a mobile phone or vehicle with a GPS to anything which could get into any questionable territory. Did I say never? I did? Good…..never.

Along with this, understanding disguise is a lot like understanding camouflage, it probably isn’t what you think. While the latest pattern at the big box outdoor store is great for catching money from customers, the real use of camouflage is very different.

Along those lines, I have a slightly different perspective on social media than most. People normally either completely drop off of it or make themselves interesting to some dude in a cubicle in Quantico. Be in between. They already know who you are, or more precisely the computers know who you are. They know you like guns, that you do not trust government and that you buy your pet meds online. Trust me, they know you. The trick is, have you gone from known to interesting? Have you gone from a dude who has voiced his distaste of current affairs to a person who may be someone worth looking at a lot more closely….”

More plus video here   via   NC Renegade 

  1. mtnforge says:

    I understand the imperatives, I’m not going to hide from the sonofabitches though. I hope they understand I am not afraid of them, nor will I bend a knee.
    They are usurpers.
    Their day is coming
    And I’m not the only one see’s it either.


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