Recon & Surveillance Course Review by Johnny Mac

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The following review comes by way of Johnny Mac and was posted at his forum, Unchained Preppers. Check em out, great folks and a no-BS forum.

This AAR (After Action Review) is to briefly outline my attendance of the Recon & Surveillance two-day class facilitated by NCScout blog owner of

Facilitator NCScout and six students. The student’s skill range was, former military to novice – Like me. NCScout also had two assistants or specialists that worked 1:1 with each student.

Saturday – Sunday, February 23-24, 2019. Classes started at 0900 hrs. both days. The class ended Saturday at 1600 hrs. for dinner then picked up again for the night portion at 1900 hrs. till 2100 hrs. Sunday start was 0900 hrs. and concluded at 1430 hrs. post an AAR session.

North Central North Carolina

The class rallied at 0800 hrs. Saturday morning…

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