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Posted: February 28, 2019 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

“Nothing causes fits of frothing at the nostrils in older folks than the discussions that challenge long held ideas which are surpassed by better things. One such challenge involves which angle of measure you choose to employ in your long range shooting. I am not discussing “I held on ‘is back and I got ‘im….but had to track ‘im a few hunert yards” style of Kentucky windage shooting here. I am also not discussing inches or simple crosshair reticle scopes.

I am pretty adamant that most engagements will be close during an event, probably most will be under 50 feet! Yep, your carbine or pistol (or AR pistol) will be the tool that you depend on most and carbines can be used out to 700 yards or so with the correct ammunition but….Because we like to be prepared, the ability to shoot longer ranges accurately and with enough power to disable mechanical things and organic things means we need a tool with more capability at our disposal than our AR or AK.

The .308W has been around a long time as has it’s daddy the 30-06. Heck about anything from 7mm-08 to 338LM is in the zone we’re discussing but the new kid on the block is the 6.5 Creedmoor and for good reason. Very high BC (aerodynamic properties) means it stays supersonic long past where the .308 is sucking wind. It fits easily into SR25/AR10 platforms (remember, semi-auto is a force multiplier). Half the recoil of .308 and much much better wind bucking make it a standout. If you have hundreds of rounds of match .308 ammo already, stick with what you have but if you’re buying new gear and ammo, the ammo costs for match quality and hunting ammo are similar and actually favor the Creedmoor. If you’re in the market for a great cartridge for the use we’re talking about here, give the CM a hard look.

Both MOA (minutes of angle) and Milliradians are units of ANGLE, not linear in any form or fashion but slices of a circle.

Lots of great info in this post – read it all @

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