ZeroGov | The Gun Owner as the New Negro by Bill Buppert

Posted: March 1, 2019 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

Be sure you read the whole post at ZeroGov – a couple excerpts…

“Private weapons owners are now segregated out of schools, restaurants, government buildings and many other public places; segregation works. Democrats are going back to their roots as the creators of such diverse practices and groups as the KKK, segregation on buses and lunch counters, black disarmament laws, lynching and other such social niceties. Gun owners are the new Negro.

No such thing as socialism. That’s just a polite way of saying fuck you. It is all just communism with a smiley face. The socialist hides the gun and the communist brandishes it.

Mike is right, if you’re an individualist and don’t realize you are in a siege, you’ve been asleep.

Now we see that the CPUSA v2.0 has passed a Universal Background Checkdiktat that will criminalize all private transfers of weapons in the USSA and subject them to scrutiny by the designated law imposement apparatchiks. The leadership vermin in the House know the Senate will most likely not pass it and the Mango Mussolini has vowed to oppose it but his trust level on firearms is exactly zero.”

And if we zeroed out the NICS data and the FFL information, it won’t take much effort to troll and collate the metadata on credit and debit card activity for all gun folks buying parts, accessories and ammunition. Your name and SSN are unique identifiers in the credit card databases that allow the savvy metadata miner to compile a nice fat dossier in no time to nicely flesh out a warrant when the communists decide to go house to house for seizures

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