Context: Identifying Commo Needs For Former Action Guys

Posted: July 21, 2019 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized


I get a TON of emails a day- many more than I can usually get to- but this one stood out to me due to not just what it was asking but the context. I knew immediately from the writer’s language that he was a former trigger puller, and had the exact same questions I had when I got out.

Just what are the civilian equivalents to this commo gear I was issued?

Its not an easy question and the answer is muddy- hell, its taken me years to get it right and I’m still working on it. There’s no easy answer and definitely no one-size-fits-all, but then again I learned later on there was no such thing while I was in either.

Hey Brother – getting my comms game back in shape and found some really great info on your site! Great stuff!

So civilian radios are a bit…

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