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Yeah, you read right. Boycott the NFL. There ain’t nothing that will change those protesting players quicker than a lost paycheck.

Yeah Brahma, it’s a good thing you’re there to support your pal…guess what? he’s not your friend.

Dumb mutherfuckers. You ever seen any geniuses play for the NFL? Hell no. Why? ‘Cause smart folks don’t play for the NFL. Coach maybe.

The least paid guy on the Dallas Cowboys makes $115,000 and change. That’s per year. The top guy makes $17,000,000 and change. That’s just on the Cowboys. If you’re interested, here is the salary site.

The NFL is not satisfied to just assfuck the public with outrageous ticket prices at the stadium. 28 teams wasn’t enough, so they expand; again and again and again. Why? More teams, more money for the NFL.

Any idea what advertising costs during an NFL game? Hundreds of thousands of dollars, if…

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  1. Kenneth T. says:

    Never have I ever – watched a game OR EVEN a half time show.


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