As You Are Able, Consider Helping Out…

Posted: September 2, 2020 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

The Defensive Training Group


The lawyers for The Hero Kyle Rittenhouse have released a statement concerning the events related to the wrongful arrest of their client in Kenosha, Wisconsin. And be warned, if you’re going to run the tedious conservative Smart Boy black pill routine, you’re just going to be spammed.

After Kyle finished his work that day as a community lifeguard in Kenosha, he wanted to help clean up some of the damage, so he and a friend went to the local public high school to remove graffiti by rioters. Later in the day, they received information about a call for help from a local business owner, whose downtown Kenosha auto dealership was largely destroyed by mob violence. The business owner needed help to protect what he had left of his life’s work, including two nearby mechanic’s shops. Kyle and a friend armed themselves with rifles due to the deadly violence gripping…

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