“Vote harder! Honk! Honk!” Ronaldo Clown, leader of #Clownworld

Posted: January 8, 2023 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized


McCarthy voted in as speaker, fate of the republic sealed

So here it is, after much hand wringing and postulating, the inevitable election of Kevin McCarthy as the grand speaker for the people and Elves of Clown world. It is obvious beyond obvious now , that the machine cannot be stopped from within. The whole “We the people” thing is just a slogan as much as the “Workers unite” of the cold war Soviet Bloc countries.

What started when Biden stole the 2020 election, will run it’s course with the participation of the GOP arm of the Uniparty. We will be as Obama promised, “Fundamentally transformed” as a nation. We are in for a Soviet style Bureaucratic dictatorship; A country ruled by a thousand petty bureaucrats, enforcing 10 thousand petty rules and regulations. There was great hope in the “Red wave” that was going to sweep the midterms, but unfortunately…

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