Junk on the Bunk: Line 2 Gear

Posted: January 10, 2023 by gamegetterII in Uncategorized

Badlands Fieldcraft

This is a long overdue update on my line 2 gear. I’ve done a lot of changing and learning since I wrote my last article on the subject.

I utilize the line concept to help organize my gear, and for those new to the subject I’ll give a brief overview:

  • Line 1 – Emergency survival equipment, stored in the clothing
  • Line 2 – Fighting and Scouting equipment, stored in some sort of fighting load bearing equipment which supports these two needs
  • Line 3 – Sustainment equipment, typically stored in a back pack

This system provides me with a way to organize what equipment goes where based on my needs. For my line 2 gear I want to restrict it to items specifically for the purposes of scouting and fighting. In the above I utilize the term “Fighting load bearing equipment” and I want to be clear that I am referring…

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