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Via David Codrea-

An Uber driver with a concealed carry permit, something self-designated “common sense gun safety law” advocates fought tooth and nail, saved a crowd of people on a Chicago street after a criminal opened fire on them by shooting the assailant, The Chicago Tribune reported Monday. Per the Assistant State Attorney, no charges will be filed, because the driver acted lawfully “in the defense of himself and others.”

There are two problems with this story.

First, chief MILM Shannon Watts says this never happens. And second, Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy says if it does, he’s trained his men to kill you first and ask questions later.

Three problems, actually, when you consider all the smug antis, like CNN’s resident ignoramus James Alan Fox, who assure us firing at an assailant in a crowd situation will only make things worse, and what we really need is more citizen disarmament.

What’s evident is that the “gun safety advocates” would rather the driver had been unarmed and the people being fired upon undefended. That way, they would have been able to up their “gun violence” hysteria, plus they would have had fresh blood to dance in and exploit for more citizen disarmament edicts.

People are waking up to that and it’s not working, unless, of course, you’re a “progressive” who takes his talking points from garbage like a hit piece in The Atlantic by a totally unqualified critic, or desperate one-sided Mother Jones propaganda presented as objective journalism.

It has to be driving these people nuts that despite all of Michael Bloomberg’s money, all of the grandstanding politicians and all of the efforts by an overwhelmingly sympathetic media, people are recognizing the truth in increasing numbers. And that means they’re also recognizing the lies in the gun-grabber narrative about armed citizens.

“Conservation organizations on Wednesday sued the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to force it to complete a long overdue, legally required recovery plan for the Mexican gray wolf, the lobo of Southwestern lore.

The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in Arizona, aims to enforce compliance with rules the agency adopted 38 years ago to guide recovery of the federally endangered species driven to near extinction by wolf extermination campaigns of the 19th and 20th centuries.

The asshats listed below are NOT a part of ANY conservation organization-they are eco-terrorists,nothing more,nothing less.

Plaintiffs including the Defenders of Wildlife, the Center for Biological Diversity, the Endangered Wolf Center, the Wolf Conservation Center and David R. Parsons, a biologist who served as the agency’s Mexican gray wolf recovery coordinator from 1990 to 1999, accuse the agency of yielding to political pressure from ranchers, hunting groups and state officials in Utah, Arizona and Colorado.

Mr. Parsons joined the suit because he would have to get a real job if the wolf program was ended-as it should be-because there would be no more free .gov inc. grant money to support the man.

The Mexican gray wolf was reintroduced into a small area of eastern Arizona and western New Mexico in 1998 as part of a strategy to reach a population of 100 wolves, including 18 breeding pairs, by 2006.
Today, the population stands at 83 wolves, and five breeding pairs. They are managed under restrictions that do not permit the mobile, clannish hunters to colonize new territory, increasing the likelihood of inbreeding, according to the lawsuit. The restrictions also allow excessive killing and removal of wolves that take livestock, the lawsuit says.

By the agency’s own assessment in a recent draft environmental impact report, the existing population is “considered small, genetically impoverished, and significantly below estimates of viability appearing in the scientific literature.”

It’s always the same group of eco-freaks,animal “rights” whackos,and purveyors of eco-hysteria who file these moronic lawsuits.

They tried re-introducing the wolves in 1998-it is now 2014,and the population is “small, genetically impoverished, and significantly below estimates of viability appearing in the scientific literature.”

In English,that means there’s little to no chance that the Mexican gray wolf will re-populate the region.

These groups never sue to have packs of wolves,grizzly bears,wolverines,packs of coyotes,mountain lions,wild horses or any other critter “re-introduced” in THEIR neighborhoods.

It’s only the rural “rednecks” who are supposed to tolerate OUR pets and livestock being killed,ourselves and families being attacked,and OUR children being mauled,possibly killed by the animals these unicorn fart sniffing anti-human asswipes want to be “re-introduced”

These groups all believe that animals are more important than humans-they could do all of the animals,and the rest of us a huge favor by removing themselves from the planet-in an eco-friendly way of course…