Must Be Anti-Gun Asshattery Day-Yet Another Example

Posted: April 15, 2015 by gamegetterII in anti-gun asshattery
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Oregon: Radical Anti-Gun Bills on the Move in Salem

This bullshit is brought to you courtesy of Bloomberg and co. Oregon was the next state on their list-They’re trying to check ’em off one by one.

On Tuesday, April 14th, Senate Bill 941, which seeks to expand background checks to private transfers, is scheduled for a vote by the Senate.  Please continue contacting your state Senator and strongly urging him or her to OPPOSE SB 941.

As previously reported, SB 941 would require individuals to appear before a gun dealer to request a criminal background check prior to privately transferring a firearm. Transfers include, but are not limited to, sales, gifts, loans and leases. Failure to comply with this mandate could result in stiff penalties and possible loss of an individual’s right to keep and bear arms.

On Thursday, April 16th, the Senate Judiciary Committee will be holding a hearing and possible work session on Senate Bill 945.  Introduced by state Senator Elizabeth Steiner Hayward (D-17), SB 945 creates the crime of endangering a minor by allowing access to a firearm. This bill would essentially require a person to lock-up or render their firearms inoperable.  Failure to do so could result in stiff penalties, including a five year prohibition on firearm possession.

On Friday, April 17, both Senate Bill 525 and Senate Bill 913 are scheduled for a work session and a committee vote.

As previously reported, SB 525, introduced by state Senator Laurie Monnes Anderson (D-25), would expand the list of those prohibited from owning firearms.  NRA does not support any expansion of the prohibited persons categories as defined by federal law.

Under SB 913, the ivory regulation bill, the sale, offering for sale, possession with intent to sell or importation for purchase or sale of any ivory or ivory product would be prohibited.  Virtually any lawful item containing any amount of ivory, with very limited and narrow exceptions, would be rendered valueless as it would be an offense for you to sell it or for another person to buy it.

Please contact members of the Senate Judiciary Committee TODAY and politely urge them to OPPOSE SB 945, SB 525 and SB 913.

Senate Judiciary Committee Members:

Senator Ginny Burdick (D-18)
(503) 986-1718

Senator Sarah Gelser (D-8)
(503) 986-1708

Senator Jeff Kruse (R-1)
(503) 986-1701

Senator Floyd Prozanski (D-4)
(503) 986-1704

Senator Kim Thatcher (R-13)
(503) 986-1713

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