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Range management is more a result of lawsuit than science…Special interest groups sue the land management agencies and they agree to settle on terms that do not benefit the general public and are almost never disclosed…

Victor Iverson in Deseret News, January 22, 2016

Sue and Settle

Back in the heyday of clear-cutting, over-grazing, strip-mining, etc, when a generation of passionate environmentalists were inspired by Hayduke and his Monkey Wrench Gang, it seemed that the only way to bring attention to the problems of over-use and degradation of lands was with aggressive, sometimes dangerous, protest actions.  From removing survey stakes and tree spiking to bombings and arson labeled as eco-terrorism, considered one of the greatest threats of terrorism in the United States, environmentalists wanted to be heard.  In desperation to save what they loved, they demanded change in the only ways they felt were left to them.  But then another way was found to effect change in land use policies.

We decided, let’s just sue instead.  It got settled with the Service agreeing to do a wolf study, which led to reintroduction.

That was the moment when we looked at it and said, ‘Wow.’  The environmental movement spent a decade going to meetings and demanding action and getting nothing done.  They were asking powerful people for something from a position of no power.  We realized that we can bypass the officials and sue, and that we can get things done in court.

Kieran Suckling of the Center For Biological Diversity in an interview with High Country News

The use of lawsuits to force the agency overseeing the land or wildlife in question to act has proven to be effective.  And it has been steadily increasing.  When the agency agrees to reach a settlement in these lawsuits, the terms are negotiated behind closed doors, outside of the public’s view, away from the public’s input.  It is referred to as ‘sue and settle.’  Here is a short definition from a report from the US Chamber of Commerce:

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Why would an environmental impact study be required for administration action authorizing possession of guns in national parks, but not for action authorizing the presence and activities of millions of foreign nationals?

Why would an environmental impact study be required for administration action authorizing possession of guns in national parks, but not for action authorizing the presence and activities of millions of foreign nationals?

MVM is hiring. The government contractor is seeking qualified nationwide transport specialists on behalf of the Department of Homeland Security to escort “Unaccompanied Children” by ground and air.

The company, boasts of “provid[ing] specialized services to both public and private sector clients. From protecting the children of King Hussein of Jordan, to supporting U.S. Embassies throughout the world, MVM has performed with distinction.” That distinction, especially for a “secret contractor” that has been embroiled in controversy, is no doubt enhanced by a leadership that includes politically-connected former careerists from the Secret Service and the U.S. Marshal’s Service.

The thing is, transporting these children, sheltering them, feeding them, clothing them, bathing them and dealing with the waste they generate will all have an environmental impact, and while seemingly negligible compared to the totality of things, that’s added to the millions of heretofore illegal aliens already in the country now empowered to stay, and to those on their way, attracted by seeing “migrants” who came before them rewarded for lawbreaking. Their long-term impact as an aggregate on the environment and on the resources needed to provide energy, sustenance and disposal, can hardly be considered negligible. Nor can the immediate and continuing impact of environmental destruction left in their wake.

Feds flood Colorado River through Grand Canyon

“FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. (AP) — Federal officials opened the floodgates at Glen Canyon Dam on Monday, sending water rushing through the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. The five-day flood is meant to mimic conditions of the river before the dam was built, because the dam now blocks a majority of the sediment from traveling downstream.”

“The amount of water released over 96 hours will fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool every 2.5 seconds. The flood will distribute enough sediment through the Grand Canyon to bury a professional football stadium up to the lighting.”

Then the idiots have the balls to lie about the water release…


“No. To create the flood, Lake Powell will shrink by 2 1/2 feet. But Lake Mead in Nevada will rise by 2 1/2 feet as the increased amounts of water flow through the Colorado River and to Lake Mead. The flood won’t alter the amount of water sent between the two lakes annually, as monthly adjustments are made to account for the surge in water, officials said.”

BULL. SHIT. Lake mead and lake Powell are not the same size-in order for Powell to raise the water level of Mead by 2 1/2 ft-the lakes would have to be identical in depth-(they’re not)- surface area-(they’re not)- do these morons really think that no one is capable of figuring out that they’re lying?