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Setting the state up for massive gun owner civil disobedience along the lines of what has occurred in California and is currently happening in New York and Connecticut, Democrat State Senator Jacqueline Y. Collins filed the Firearms Registration Act with the Secretary of State on Friday. The act was then presented for first reading and referred to the Democrat-dominated Assignments Committee.

Is Democrat Illinois State Senator Jacqueline Y. Collins ready to enforce her demands against gun owners who will not comply?

Collins’ measure “[p]rovides that every person in the State must register each firearm he or she owns or possesses in accordance with the Act,” the official synopsis declares. It also “[p]rovides that a person shall not purchase or possess ammunition within this State without having first obtained a registration certificate identifying a firearm that is suitable for use with that ammunition, or a receipt demonstrating that the person has applied to register a suitable firearm under the Act and that the application is pending.”

In addition, it requires “the Department of State Police must complete a background check of any person who applies for: (1) a registration certificate for a firearm that was lawfully owned or possessed on the effective date of the Act, was brought into the State by a new resident, or was acquired by operation of law upon the death of the former owner; or (2) a renewal of a registration certificate unless, within 12 months of the date the renewal application is submitted, the applicant passed a background check conducted by the Department in connection with the applicant’s acquisition of another firearm.”

Ominously, it also “Provides that it is a Class 2 felony to sell or transfer ownership of a firearm to another person without complying with the registration requirement of the Firearms Registration Act.” That can get someone three to seven years, a punishment equivalent to that people who intentionally transmit HIV are sentenced to.

This new batch of proposed infringements is in addition to requirements already imposed by Illinois State Law requiring gun owners to have a Firearms Owner Identification Card to purchase firearms and ammunition. In fact, it’s an in-your-face to gun owners from an avowed gun hater.

Collins is a former CBS-TV in Chicago “news” editor with credentials from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism and Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government, among other credentials from “progressive” academia. Fittingly, she was a “2001 Legislative Fellow for U.S. Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton.” She was also endorsed by the Brady campaign at the same time it threw its weight behind (former?) “gun communist” Bobby Rush and future felons (and prohibited persons) Jesse Jackson, Jr. and Rod Blagojevich.

When she joined rabidly anti-gun “priest” Mike “Snuffy” Pfleger for a media blood dance, they were strangely silent on the fact that the ones doing the killings in Chicago are exempt from gun registration schemes they would impose on the law-abiding. That’s because in Haynes v. U.S., the Supreme Court ruled that requiring felons to register guns violated Fifth Amendment protections against self-incrimination.

Collins knows this, of course, as do all gun-grabbers who would require registration, which is a prerequisite for confiscation. That increasing numbers of gun owners know that and have defiantly told those enacting such Intolerable Acts to get bent is not lost on impotent and enraged state monopoly of violence cultists, who vent their fury by demanding others employ that violence to bend the “scofflaws” to their will.

Whether or not Collins’ latest deliberate act of spitting on freedom stands a chance of being enacted remains to be seen. Regardless, a critical mass of gun owners will not let that alter their resolve to hold fast to their rights and to not back up another inch. There’s a new paradigm, with a growing number of determined citizens recognizing what colleague Mike Vanderboegh has identified as two countries sharing the same territory, and where his fundamental question “Do the people serve the government or does the government serve the people?” has yet to be ultimately tested in our time.

Whether or not it is tested depends on how far domestic enemies with “appetites for the liberty and property” of others are willing to press those they would compel obedience from. If they’re not willing to enforce against all, it will show a self-defeating weakness in the Chicago machine, and encourage other gun owners to join in and spread mass defiance even further. And if they are, we’ll all get an unequivocal answer to that question.


An article that recently ran in the Nevada Appeal lists the top 5 political donors in the 2014 Nevada election cycle and billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun PAC made the list.  This, in conjunction with the recently qualified ballot initiative that seeks to criminalize private-party transfers absent a background check, clearly demonstrates that Bloomberg has focused his anti-gun agenda on the Silver State.  This initiative is similar to Senate Bill 221, which was vetoed by Governor Sandoval in the 2013 legislative session.

Bloomberg’s Initiative Petition 2 (IP 2) does nothing to address the many criminal and mental health records missing from the background check system.  It instead only focuses on criminalizing private firearm transfers among law-abiding gun owners.  In 2013, just after SB 221 was vetoed, an article highlighted nearly 2,000 mental health records which would have acted as disqualifiers that were not sent to NICS.  Again this past summer, the Department of Public Safety appeared before an interim committee at the legislature requesting additional funding for staff to help input the backlog of nearly 800,000 criminal records that are also missing, some records going back 20 years.  The Department of Public Safety estimates that with the additional staff it will take about four years to fill the backlog.

Initiative Petition 2 would not keep firearms out of the hands of criminals and diverts attention and resources away from real solutions that could prevent violent crime.  If there are almost 800,000 criminal records and nearly 2,000 mental health records missing from the database, then who exactly is being entered into the prohibited possessor database?  In a state with a population just less than 3 million, an oversight of nearly 800,000 records is staggering.

The deeply flawed background check initiative contains many problems beyond an incomplete set of records.  A prime example of this would be the hunting or shooting-range exemption.  The recipient of a temporary transfer can only possess the firearm in all places where it’s legal to hunt or at an established shooting range.  For example, this would make it quite difficult to travel to your hunting location or shooting range without breaking the proposed law.  Furthermore, nothing in the initiative provides for a form of receipt or record retention by either the transferor or transferee.  In the event someone has legally transferred a firearm, how will law enforcement know if the transfer was lawful?  Is the burden on the gun owner to prove the firearm was not part of an illegal transfer?  Could this mean an ordinary traffic stop could turn into hours of turmoil attempting to track down records?  Again, IP 2 would only ensnare unsuspecting and otherwise law-abiding gun owners.

It is definitely plausible that Bloomberg’s next move would be to push for full registration in order to avoid these “problems”.  This would go hand in hand with the January 2013 report from the U.S. Department of Justice’s National Institute of Justice that concluded the effectiveness of “universal” background checks depends on requiring full gun registration, something Bloomberg and other misguided anti-gun extremists are truly after.

Earlier this week the Senate voted to uphold Governor Sandoval’s veto of Senate Bill 221. We applaud the Senate’s commitment to stand firm with the Governor, and to stand against Bloomberg and his efforts to infringe on your rights. Please call your legislators and tell them to reject Initiative Petition 2. The Legislature has until March 13th to take action on the petition. If they reject or take no action it will be sent to the 2016 ballot, if they approve the petition and the Governor signs, then it becomes law. Your legislators need to send a strong message that this deceptive and misguided effort to criminalize private firearm transfers will not be tolerated in the Silver State.

WASHINGTON — Newtown activists on Thursday helped introduce the first gun safety bill in this Congress, officially kicking off the gun control debate on Capitol Hill.

The bill would ban large capacity ammunition clips for everyone but military members and law enforcement officers. It was introduced by Rep. Elizabeth Esty, D-5th District, in the House and Sen. Bob Menendez, D-N.J., in the Senate.

The bill’s proponents characterized the legislation as a needed safety measure, like seat belts or airbags, that would save lives, not only those threatened by a mass murderer, but also police who are often outgunned by criminals.

“This year is the first year in U.S. history that gun deaths will exceed car deaths,” Esty said. “We should be ashamed.”

That’s gotta be a record for the number of lies told in two sentences.

The police are outgunned by criminals bullshit stopped being relevant a couple decades ago-and it was a lie back then.

Gun deaths going to exceed car deaths? Not  this year,or next year,or the year after-someone needs to inform these morons that gun deaths have been declining for about 40 years now.

What’s a large capacity ammunition clip?

The rest of the article contains similar asshattery from the anti-gun zealots…the stupid-it burns…

The anti-gun zealots are going to keep pushing this shit-more and more-they know obola’s gone in two years,and their best chance is while he’s still in office.

Time to start malling and e-mailing senators and congresscritters-put a stop to this idiocy now.

On Saturday at 2:00 p.m., in Room 307 of the State Capitol, the House Regulatory & Public Affairs Committee will hold a public hearing on NRA-opposed House Bill 44, sponsored by anti-gun state Representative Miguel Garcia (D-ABQ).  HB 44 criminalizes non-dealer firearm transfers at gun shows, which would lead to the end of these events as we know them.  Misguided gun control advocates will be in Santa Fe to support this deeply flawed measure, so please attend this hearing to show your opposition.

HB 44 is just the first step toward criminalizing ALL private transfers of firearms; in fact, the first version of this bill from the 2013 session did just that.  No background check legislation will ever be “universal” since criminals simply ignore the law.

Why You Should Oppose HB 44

It’s an ineffective crime control proposal.  In April of 2013, PoliceOne conducted a national survey of 15,000 active and retired law enforcement officers of all ranks and department sizes on the topics of gun & crime control.  Nearly 80 percent said that a prohibition on private non-dealer transfers of firearms between individuals would not reduce violent crime.

Current laws are not being enforced.  According to a 2012 report to the U.S. Department of Justice, more than 72,000 people were turned down on a gun purchase in 2010 because they didn’t clear a background check.  Only 44 of those cases – or just .06 percent – were prosecuted.  A 2013 study by Syracuse University showed that gun prosecutions had hit a decade low, down 40 percent from 2004.  Existing laws are not even being enforced and proponents are calling for expanding background checks to cover private firearms transactions.

Gun shows aren’t a source of crime guns.  A U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics survey of state prison inmates who had used or possessed firearms in the course of committing their crimes found that 79 percent acquired their firearms from “street/illegal sources” or “friends and family.”  This includes theft of firearms, black market purchases of stolen firearms and straw purchases.  Only 1.7 percent obtained a firearm at a gun show.

It may lead to gun registration. Most importantly, because a January 2013 internal U.S. Department of Justice memorandum summarizing so-called “gun violence” prevention strategies stated that the effectiveness of “universal background checks” depends on “requiring gun registration.”  Even though HB 44 currently contains prohibitions on the development of a state or local registry of gun buyers, supporters of the bill are likely to eventually claim the need to repeal these important protections in order to enforce its provisions.

State lawmakers from Kansas and Missouri announced a bistate, bipartisan effort Friday to reduce gun violence.

Kansas Rep. Barbara Bollier joined Missouri Rep. Stacey Newman to pitch bills, recently introduced in Topeka and Jefferson City, that would establish firearms restrictions for people with domestic violence or stalking restraining orders or convictions.

“The public gets it completely,” said Bollier, a Republican from Mission Hills. A former practicing physician, Bollier described gun violence as “a public health issue.”

Newman, a Democrat from Richmond Heights in St. Louis County, said her bill includes language that would allow law enforcement and family members to restrict those considered “in crisis” from gun possession. That measure, she said, is similar to California legislation signed into law soon after the shootings near the University of California-Santa Barbara campus last year.

Rep. Joe Don McGaugh, a Carrollton Republican, described the bill as “patently unconstitutional” because it has too few protections for gun owners before a court strips them of their Second Amendment rights.

“Everyone wants to keep firearms out of the hands of someone who is not competent to own them,” McGaugh said. “But I think what we should concentrate on is the individual and not the gun. Missouri law already allows those who are threats to be committed for mental health issues.”

Rep. Rick Brattin, a Harrisonville Republican, said the bill is unlikely to get a hearing. He said that because the bill allows “any person” to file a petition for a gun violence restraining order, it could be used to harass law-abiding gun owners.

The representatives were joined by a small crowd that included representatives from the Hope House and Rose Brooks domestic violence shelters, the League of Women Voters, Grandmothers Against Gun Violence, the Kansas City Health Commission and the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.

Sound familiar? Dr. Vivek Murthy,our recently appointed surgeon general claims that gun violence is a “public health issue that must be addressed-as Dr. Murthy is an anti-gun zealot,and has zero real world medical experience-other than med school and his residency,during which he was under supervision by experienced Dr’s.

Murthy’s real-world experience consists of forming the group Dr’s for Obama,which then morphed into Dr’s for America,and writing an endless stream of anti-gun nonsense in the form of letters to Obama,congress and letters to the editor in many U.S. newspapers.

Murthy claimed he would not use his position as surgeon general to advocate for gun control.

He’s not-he’s getting others to do it for him,with the help of the usual suspects from the land of rainbows and unicorns-starting with the Brady campaign.

I smell Bloomberg’s $$$ in this horsepucky.

The anti-gun zealots are doing exactly what hizzoner claimed his millions would do,helped along by his front groups of like minded boot-licking sycophants.

Gun owners better start paying attention to this nonsense-as Bloomberg and his fellow wealthy anti-gun zealots are pushing this bullshit in every state that they think they might have a chance of getting it on the ballot,and then signed into law by fellow anti-gun zealots and imposed on gun owners second amendment right to keep and bear arms.

Bloomberg’s bootlicker stated the following…

“The public gets it completely,” said Bollier, a Republican from Mission Hills. A former practicing physician, Bollier described gun violence as “a public health issue.”

Murthy+Bloomberg+ existing anti-gun groups/orgs = I-594 like “gun control” measures being enacted in multiple states.

The NRA,GOA,NAGR,et-al allowed I-594 to be passed by voters by using lies,half-truths and obfuscation-and having said nonsense spewing forth from the tee-vee all across Washington state.

Voters who know nothing about firearms or gun laws do not understand that “gun control” laws only affect gun owners who follow the law in the first place-no additional “gun control” law will prevent “gun violence” because those intent on committing “gun violence” will do so no matter how strict the gun laws are.

Mexico,along with most of Central America have very strict “gun control” laws in place-yet these countries have the highest rates of “gun violence” on the planet.

It’s up to gun owners to call,write,e-mail,fax and to gather signatures of registered voters so that petitions can be delivered to Bloomberg’s bootlicking minions in the statehouses.

Pay attention,and work to stop this horsepucky-or we will all see nonsense like Washington state,Mass,Colorado,Conneticut,Commiefornia and NY state enacted in our own states.

Get motivated,get organized,protest,do whatever it takes-but do not allow this kind of bullshit to become law-in any more states.

The anti-gun zealots will never,ever stop-unless they attain their goal of a ban on all civilian ownership of firearms.

 ***************** “None of those shootings would have been stopped by background checks,said Johnson,the key opponent of last year’s bill.”*********************************************

GRANTS PASS, Ore. (AP) — Fresh off a victory in Washington state, a leading gun control group backed by billionaire Michael Bloomberg is hoping to make Oregon its next prize in a campaign to require gun sales to go through universal background checks.

Everytown for Gun Safety backed a voter-approved initiative in Washington last year that made the state the 17th in the country to expand background checks past the federal standard applying only to licensed gun dealers.

“This is our top priority,” said the group’s spokeswoman Erika Soto Lamb.

The organization came out of a merger last year between Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns, and Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. It has been spending tens of millions of dollars on political operations.

Now its attention is on Oregon, where the state Legislature narrowly failed to pass legislation two years running to require background checks for private gun sales.

According to state records, Everytown spent nearly $600,000 on the 2014 election — $450,000 in contributions to candidates and committees, and $110,000 on other grassroots efforts.

Part of that was devoted to strengthening the Democratic majority in the state Senate, the key battleground.

Democrats ended up expanding their majority by two seats to 18-12 in the Senate. The party holds a stronger majority in the House. Gov. John Kitzhaber, a Democrat, is a longtime supporter and is expected to sign the bill if it passes.

“There’s a loophole there that can be closed,” said Lamb.

Oregon voters extended background checks to require them for sales at gun shows in 2000.

Senate Judiciary Chairman Sen. Floyd Prozanski, D-Eugene, plans to introduce legislation to expand that to private gun sales. The bill would require anyone selling a gun privately to call state police for a background check on criminal history and mental illness. It would exclude sales among family members, inheritances and antique guns.

“I want to put closure on the only loophole we have on the background check law,” said Prozanksi, a native Texan who owns a few guns. “Most all of us gun owners, as well as the general public, believe we should take reasonable steps to stop felons from getting easy access to guns. This will do that.”

Opponents include Democratic state Sen. Betsy Johnson of Scappoose and the National Rifle Association.

“The NRA is not privy to the specifics of the legislation, but Oregonians should not be fooled by the rhetoric from out of state gun control groups funded by New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg,” NRA spokeswoman Jennifer Baker said in a statement. “They are pushing an extreme anti-gun agenda that seeks to curtail Oregonians’ constitutional right to self-defense.”

Under federal law, background checks through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System are required for sales by licensed gun dealers, but not at gun shows or private transactions. The checks target convicted felons, people under indictment, the mentally ill, drug users, people under restraining orders, dishonorably discharged veterans and people in the country illegally. But not all states report mental health records to the system.

About 40 percent of Oregon households have guns. And the state has had its share of horrifying shootings.

In 1998, Kip Kinkel went to his high school in Springfield with guns his parents bought to teach him to shoot. He opened fire on the cafeteria, killing two and wounding 25.

In 2012, three days before the deadly Newtown, Connecticut, school shooting, Jacob Tyler Roberts took a stolen semi-automatic AR-15 rifle to the Clackamas Town Center mall outside Portland, where he killed two people and wounded one before killing himself.

Last June, high school freshman Jared Michael Padgett took his brother’s assault-style rifle to school. He killed a student and wounded a teacher before killing himself.

None of those shootings would have been stopped by background checks, said Johnson, the key opponent of last year’s bill.

“It puts law abiding citizens at a significant disadvantage,” she said. “And it does not touch the problem, which in most cases involves severely mentally ill, disaffected, alienated young people causing mayhem.”–finance.html


These people will never,ever stop-unless we allow them to attain their goal of a complete ban on all civilian ownership of firearms.

They are going to keep doing this shit state by state,and every state that they succeed in passing “universal background checks” and/or “safe storage” laws,CAP laws,banning “assault rifles” and on and on-we will have no gun rights.

Gun owners  HAVE to get involved,we have to stop these people,they have succeeded in finding a weak point-and they are going all out with their offensive. So far,they won in Washington state,and are working on Nevada,Oregon and Vermont,and they will keep going,even if they lose in one state-they are just going to go down their list,putting as many as they can in the W column.

They know they can’t get this bullshit passed in DC,that’s why they’re going state by state,and going all out with their propaganda campaign before gun owners even find out they have filed the paperwork to get this horsepucky on the ballot.

Anyone who lives in any of the states that Bloomberg and Ms. Watts attack needs to get everyone they know to call,write,and e-mail their state representatives as soon as it’s discovered these enemies of the Constitution and our rightful liberty are trying to impose these draconian measures on others because of their hoplophobia,and their dreams of everything suddenly being rainbows,unicorns,puppies and butterflies if they could just ban guns.

The rest of the states on their hit list…