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Privacy Apocalypse: 5 Devices You Can’t Hide From

Devices you can't hide from

I’m going to alert you to what many are considering to be on of the worst doomsday scenarios for free American patriots. One that apparently not many are prepping for, or even seem to care about.

By now everybody knows that the government ‘alphabet agencies’ including mainly the NSA have been methodically collecting data on us. Everything we do, say, buy and search on the internet will be on permanent data base file by next year. All phone calls now are computer monitored, automatically recorded and stored with certain flag/trigger words (in all languages).

As technology improves, every single phone call will be entirely recorded at meta-data bases in government computer cloud storage, when ‘They’ finish the huge NSA super spy center in Utah. Which means they will be available anytime authorities want to look them up and personally listen for any information reference to any future investigation. Super computer algorithms will pin point search extrapolations of ANY relationship to the target point.

You can rest uneasily, but assured, that in the very near future when a cop stops you and scans your driver license into his computer, he will know anything even remotely ’suspicious’ or ’questionable’ about ALL the recent activities and behavior in your life he chooses to focus upon!

This is the ‘privacy apocalypse’ coming upon us. And you need to know these five devices that you can run to protect your privacy, but you can’t hide from.

When Security Overlaps Freedom

The NSA does more spying on ‘We the People’ than it does on the enemies of the country! Even simple text messages over a certain number of characters will join the wealth of stolen private communications flagged by certain trigger words, in the happy hunting grounds of mega-data heaven.

The two biggest fallacy arguments are that ‘those with nothing to ‘hide’ have nothing to fear’, or ‘this is the price we pay for living in a fast paced convenient modern computerized world if we want to improve our security and safety’.

Why does all these lame excuses remind me of something the old sage Ben Franklin used to say to slap that kind of thinking? “Those who are willing to give up any freedoms for a little more security deserve neither.’

The factual true reality is that these egregious violations of our privacy rights are premised on the never ending lies of the government. Maybe ‘They’ still get away with it because for some reason people are so dumbed down or not paying attention, or simply don’t know or see the bigger picture.

So assuming that most of us really don’t want the government or police to know our most private business just because it’s so easy for them to do so even though we are not doing anything wrong, we’ll provide a little edification herein about the cold hard realities.

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For some of us, this cause is not a hobby.  It is not drum beating, or attention seeking.  It is not something we believe—it is something we are.  We could no more lay down and accept this tyranny than the blabbering sheep can rise to fight.  In the bottom of our souls, we know we were created for more than subjects in a kingdom, more than a commodity to be controlled and managed.  We were born free.

by | Apr 2, 2015 |

There are a hundred ways to speak of the fire that burns in the hearts of patriots in this nation. Those who are seeking those of like mind can see it, spreading like a wildfire across a parched forest. Those who do not understand it are afraid of it, for it signifies something they cannot grasp and do not have the intestinal fortitude to stomach.  Liberty for All (LFA III%), the hardcore patriot group in Washington State, may be the tip of the spear, but there are many others throughout this nation who have been in the trenches for decades.

There are those who dismiss us, who claim that standing the line is stupid or even dangerous.  They claim we are setting back the liberty movement, or that we don’t know what we’re doing.  We are crazy, we are arrogant, we are self-absorbed—or so the stories go. There are days it seems that there is no end to the accusations and the backbiting.  At times, I find myself attempting to defend that which needs no defending.  It is a difficult lesson to realize, but time spent defending this fight to those with no concept of its necessity is, quite simply, time wasted.

The truth is, I have seen the men and women who stand next to me.  I have looked in their eyes and seen their hearts.  They are not crazy, and they are not fools.  There is a kind of soul that already knows how this ends.  There is a kind of heart that sees the cost before it comes, and offers to pay it even still.  For some of us, this cause is not a hobby.  It is not drum beating, or attention seeking.  It is not something we believe—it is something we are.  We could no more lay down and accept this tyranny than the blabbering sheep can rise to fight.  In the bottom of our souls, we know we were created for more than subjects in a kingdom, more than a commodity to be controlled and managed.  We were born free.

We were born to fight.

The naysayers will always be there; the loyalists of our time will always seek to justify their inaction and even their blatant cowardice.  The fence sitters will always find a reason to stay settled where they are, constantly trying to figure out which side of the fence is more advantageous to be on at any given time.  Eventually, they too will be left without a place to sit.  Tyranny does not give special treatment to those who help its growth; soon enough even those who called for caution and denigrated us will have to recognize their own chains.

In the meantime, the patriots continue to stand.  We continue to push forward, to dare things not seen in this country in over 200 years.  We seek no glory, but we do demand liberty; its pursuit will not be stopped for anything.  For us, there is no other option.  Our Constitution unites us, and the truth that men are born to be free will bind us together in this fight, come what may.  We will stand with each other, and while every single day we pray that it never comes to violence, if it comes we will stand through that as well.  And if the sun rises on a day when we are asked to give our lives in the defense of this absolute truth, we will do so…without hesitation.

Even so, know this:  we will not go quietly.  We will not go easily.  We will go filthy and stained, with the blood of those whose appetite for our liberties pushed them past a line from which there is no coming back.  We will go with as many tyrants as we can take with us.

We will never shoot first; we will not cross the line into violence. Our creed does not make us monsters; it makes us defenders. But if we are pushed, we will fight, and we will fight until we are dead.  And in the wake of our deaths, others will rise and fight in our place, and eventually we will win.  Even in death, we will win, because death is always more desirable than slavery.


There are a hundred ways to say all of this; pretty words and glorious imagery that evoke emotions that most people have forgotten how to feel.  But when all is said and done, it can all be summed up in one rallying cry.  One basic concept that holds within it the promise to all tyrants that any attempt on our lives will result in the fight—and the end—of their own, for there will be no more free Ruby Ridge incidents, no more free Wacos, no more free bloodshed.  One simple statement that every patriot understands in the core of their very bones.

We will not comply.

We stand.


Resist-by any means necessary-no matter what…


“Liz Warren is Obama with conviction.”  “Liz Warren is Hillary without the baggage.”  Actually, the Massachusetts senator is a progressive firebrand whose family issues could cause serious problems for the country.  She is dynamic, she has fire in her belly and she hates — absolutely hates – banks.

Why does Liz Warren hate the banks? It’s personal — bankers were mean to her “Daddy.” When Elizabeth Warren was 12 years old, a bank repossessed one of the family’s two cars. Because the bank threatened to take the Warren’s home, too, and because her father was out of work, her mother needed to bring in some desperately-needed money. She weepily struggled into a too-tight black dress, hobbled to Sears, Roebuck on uncomfortable high heels, and got her first-ever job. It was, as Warren recounts in her memoir, the day she grew up.

Her father, whom she calls “Daddy” throughout A Fighting Chance was a serial flop who ultimately worked as a maintenance man “cleaning up around an apartment building” after he had lost his sales job with Montgomery Ward. Earlier in his life he had failed to enlist as a fighter pilot in World War II. After the war he “desperately wanted a job flying” as a commercial pilot, but failed at that, too.

In the 1950s, Warren relates, her parents moved back to their home town, but her grandfather said “my daddy no longer had a job in the family store.”  Afterwards, Warren’s father moved “from one job to another,” hauling the growing family of four children all over Oklahoma. Warren’s parents were drinking heavily, fighting constantly. This was Elizabeth Warren’s coming of age.

Warren eventually became a law professor and agreed to teach a class on bankruptcy law. She was driven to the field, as she recounts, searching for why people ended up in bankruptcy court. “I was looking for an answer to a question I couldn’t quite ask out loud, maybe because it was a little too personal.”

This is the root cause of Elizabeth Warren’s lifetime conviction that banks (and, more broadly, businesses) are out to trick and cheat average hard-working families. The childhood fear of poverty not only distorted Warren’s views on private enterprise, but keeps Warren from borrowing money herself. The most recent review of her finances shows that she and her husband are one percenters, holding assets of more than $5 million, but that they owe not a dollar of debt.

Warren, like President Obama, believes the deck is stacked against the middle class. She belittles the contributions of business owners, and tells them “part of the underlying social contract is you take a hunk of that and pay forward for the next kid who comes along.”  To level the playing field, she wants higher taxes and more and better regulations – and not just on banks. Not only is the language achingly clichéd, the approach is – after two terms of unchecked regulatory spread – exceedingly dangerous.

A year ago, the Brookings Institute published a study on entrepreneurship and concluded, “Dynamism is slowing down. Business churning and new firm formations have been on a persistent decline during the last few decades, and the pace of net job creation has been subdued.” The drop has been widespread, according to the authors, even in high tech. They caution that if left unchecked, the downturn “implies a continuation of slow growth for the indefinite future.”

The drop in entrepreneurship has accelerated since 2006 – certainly as a result of the financial crisis, when lending dried up for all but those with the best credit scores – but doubtless also because of the anti-business rhethoric and regulation flowing so freely from the Obama White House.

Not all of our competitors have experienced a similar decline. According to Gallup, the U.S. now ranks 12th among developed nations in business startup activity, behind Hungary, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Israel and Italy. It is especially alarming that for the first time in 35 years, American business deaths exceed business births.

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“Lives matter, regardless of race and regardless of who is initiating unwarranted violence. Beating a white guy to death with hammers because of “Burn this bitch down!” is as repellant and evil as three white psychos dragging a black guy to death because of “Aryan pride.” If you find yourself rooting for one set of perps in either case above, you are a fuckhead.”

Communists call for revolution at Ferguson protest.
Communists call for revolution at Ferguson protest.
Scott Olson/Getty Images

It’s no secret that some of those fomenting the riots and protests over the shooting death of Michael Brown are Communists. A Vine video posted on Twitchy Saturday shows protesters in Ferguson, Missouri, openly calling for a Communist revolution in America.

“The only solution is a Communist revolution,” protesters are heard chanting. Pictures posted at Twitchy also show protesters holding signs saying “racist cops” must be “smashed” with a Communist revolution.

Paul Hampel, a reporter with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, said on Twitter that Communist Party members led Friday night’s protest while disseminating literature for their cause. “A century later,” he said in another tweet, “a Trotsky-esque plea toward National Guard troops: ‘turn the guns around and shoot the bosses down.'”

Older protesters, he said, made references to Kent State, the site of a protest in Ohio where anti-Vietnam War demonstrators were killed. Hampel also posted several Vine videos to his Twitter feed, and said that 15 people were arrested, citing Dept. of Public Safety spokesman Mike O’Connell.

Ya think there was just a bit of “outside influence” in Ferguson?

WTF does a Communist revolution have to do with a cop shooting Mr. Brown,who was determined to have been a thug? A “kid” with a juvenile record that included a murder case,who was seen on video grabbing a store owner by the throat,and pushing him into a display rack-shortly before his altercation with the Ferguson PD that resulted in his death.

Whether you believe the cop-or the kid who was with Mr. Brown-it takes some serious mental gymnastics to reach the conclusion that the solution to Brown being shot by police is a Communist revolution.

The Communist party members who were present were attempting to recruit new commie members among the protesters.

Could be they had just a little to do with stepping up the violence in Ferguson as well,as the resulting police response goes hand on hand with the “we are oppressed by the rich” etc. rhetoric.

Members of the Communist party need to be extirpated from American soil-all of them-every. single. one.

Communism is diametrically opposed to rightful liberty,the Constitution,Bill of Rights,and any freedoms the American people have left.

Communism has no place in a free country-nor do Communists-every single communist needs to be removed from the face of the earth.

These people are entrenched in American government,politics,and in the leftist indoctrination centers our public schools and universities have become.

Any time you wonder where young people get the insane ideas they have-look at who is teaching them,look real close,and you find one thing in every school- A majority of far left teachers and professors.

Those teachers and professors ARE the far left radicals from the ’60’s.

They all have tenure,and can not be fired. They give lectures on how gun owners,Republicans,pro-life people,Christians,conservatives,those who believe in the Constitution,support Rightful Liberty,smaller government,lower taxes,oppose the welfare state,and the police state are the “enemy”.

They are brainwashing your kids-following the plans they have been following since the 50’s and 60’s-and they are achieving their goals.

The current admin is full of leftover 60’s radicals-or was-many are gone now,but they did their damage.many more are still on the .gov inc. payroll,busy enacting regulations that expand government powers,take away our rights,raise or taxes,and control what we can and can not do on our own property.

Look at the latest EPA regs-the most costly regulation in history-brought to you by the enviro-nazis left over from the 60’s and 70’s.

Lisa Jackson,last EPA admin. was a self described environmental extremist,the current sack of excrement,Gina McCarthy is even worse.

This is what happens when socialists,leftists and communists infiltrate schools and government.

Rights and freedom disappear.




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